Kala S-U-B (Subductive U-bass)

Freaking Kala does it again.  What did they do?  They made me NEED yet another ukulele-related instrument.  I know, I have a problem.  Or, rather, I have a disease and the only cure is more UKULELE!  (and beer)

Anyway, check out a picture of the new Kala Subductive Solid Body U-bass.

Kala S-U-B Solid U-Bass Sunburst
Kala S-U-B Solid U-Bass Sunburst

Now if that doesn't get yer juices flowin' then you might already be dead.

So, I guess they call this baby the Subductive because of that word's relation to the Mariana Trench.  Get it?  The deepest place on Earth.  Well, if you've ever heard the apparent black magic of the low end that comes out of these U-basses then you would definitely get the reference.

I'm hoping to get my hands on one, and if I do, I'll upload some videos of it.  Now, where did I leave my bank-robbing mask and gloves?

2 thoughts on “Kala S-U-B (Subductive U-bass)”

  1. This is the cheaper, import version, yes? After seeing your post a while back about the first round of solid body UBass ukes, I looked into getting one, but they were close to $1,000 (which really is bank-robbing budget territory). The one you’ve got pictured looks like the one coming in to my local music store by mid month (ish) for probably half the price of the U.S. versions. Totally sad that I can’t support “local” industry, but my own ukaholic tendencies tell me to do whatever it takes to own this bad boy.

  2. Just to follow up … as a uke enthusiast & overall musician, I LOVE this U-Bass! I’ve had mine for a while & love playing it. In fact, once you start, it’s hard to want to put it down because it’s so comfortable & enjoyable. It sounds fantastic & has such a unique look & sound that it’s become the choice (over the traditional electric bass) in both the bands I’m in. Amazing, fun, awesome. Yeah.

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