Kala S-U-B (Subductive U-bass)

Freaking Kala does it again.  What did they do?  They made me NEED yet another ukulele-related instrument.  I know, I have a problem.  Or, rather, I have a disease and the only cure is more UKULELE!  (and beer)

Anyway, check out a picture of the new Kala Subductive Solid Body U-bass.

Kala S-U-B Solid U-Bass Sunburst
Kala S-U-B Solid U-Bass Sunburst

Now if that doesn't get yer juices flowin' then you might already be dead.

So, I guess they call this baby the Subductive because of that word's relation to the Mariana Trench.  Get it?  The deepest place on Earth.  Well, if you've ever heard the apparent black magic of the low end that comes out of these U-basses then you would definitely get the reference.

I'm hoping to get my hands on one, and if I do, I'll upload some videos of it.  Now, where did I leave my bank-robbing mask and gloves?

Sneak Peak: Kala’s Solid Body U-Bass

Kala has really revolutionized both the Ukulele and the Bass guitar with their U-Bass.  Heck, the U-Bass has been featured in live performances and studio recordings for the likes of Sting, Paul Simon and Jimmy Buffett.  I was lucky enough to play one at a local music store and it blew my mind.  The strings feel like nothing you've ever played.  What's even better is that if you close your eyes you'd swear it was an upright bass.  It has BUCKETS of bottom end.

So, what did Kala do?  Yup, come out with a solid body version of this bad boy.  Now I have to explain to my wife why we need to have two ukulele bass guitars in the house.  Heh.  I just finished convincing her that I just HAD TO buy my new 1973 Gibson EB-0 bass.  Doh!

Feast your eyes on the Kala Solid Body U-bass:

Kala Solid Body U-Bass
Kala Solid Body U-Bass

If you want to see a demo of this beast, check out this video of Hutch Hutchinson pretty much slaying it.

Kala U-Bass (on tour with Paul Simon, even)

So, I got a press release from Kala saying that their U-Bass is currently on tour with Paul Simon.  Well, I guess I could say that more clearly.  The U-Bass is actually being played by Bakithi Kumalo (thankfully, no one has invented the sentient, walking ukulele... yet. When they do, I'm out of a job.).  Bakithi Kumalo is an incredibly musician and you've probably heard his playing before on Paul Simon records (he played on Gracelenad).

Anyway, reading the press release makes me realize that I need to know more about the Kala U-bass.

So, I did a little searching and this is what I've come up with so far.  It's a 20" scale bass guitar and the strings are some sort of fancy polyurethane that is some sort of Kala secret ingredient deal.  What is blowing my mind is that, for it's size, it has incredibly rich and deep tones.  I think if you were listening to it and not looking at it, you'd assume you were listening to an upright bass.  So, I guess it's like the musical instrument equivalent of a Bag of Holding from D&D.  Somehow, it's like a magical vortex that channels extra deep tone?

Here, take a listen to these guys covering "Stand by Me" and tell me that this bass sound isn't exceptional deep.

Anyway, if someone has one of these, tell us more about it! Heck, make a video even, why doncha?