Huge Sale at Musician’s Friend!

Ok. First the bad news. This sale is only going on for 3 more days! Yikes! But, the good news is that it's up to 85% off of accessories. So, if you are looking for ukulele strings or maybe a new case, I don't think it's going to get any cheaper than this. I wish I'd known about it earlier, so I could have given everyone more notice. Stupid non-ukulele-related real life and job are cutting into my uke time.

Anyway, check it out:
Accessory Sale at; Up to 85% off! Exp. 2/15

Rock ’em Sock ’em Ukulele

Got $900 burning a hole in your pocket?  I'm sure you do, right?  Well then, friend, you are in luck!  Check out this rad Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot Tenor Ukulele (aka the Robolele).

Rock 'em Sock 'em Ukulele
Rock 'em Sock 'em Ukulele

Celentanowoodworks, from Ashville N.C., will build you one of these babies to order.  Looks like the ukulele is mostly maple and can be made to different sizes, if you so desire.  Can I get a "hell yeah" up in this piece?  If you think this is rad, take a look at the other cool instruments the etsy shop.

The broken and rusty gears in my brain are definitely spinning now.  You see, I have a good friend who also lives in Ashville (at least, I think that's where he lives).  Maybe I can talk him into heading over to Celentanowoodoworks' house and southern-charming them down on the price.  It's worth a shot, right?  While we are talking about my friend, you should probably check out his rad Etsy shop for his ceramics and pottery and stuff.  His store is called Mudstuffing.

The aNueNue U-900 Ukuleles are HERE!

You remember these adorable guys?

Well, it looks like aNueNue has released U-900 Ukuleles. Yup, and the one for the bear is even an pineapple uke! These are just starting to trickle in, but we're likely to see more in the coming days and weeks.

Here check out a picture. This is what the U-900 Rabbit Soprano Ukulele looks like:

U-900 Rabbit Soprano Ukulele
U-900 Rabbit Soprano Ukulele

And as if that weren't adorable enough, check out the case for that uke:

U-900 Soprano Ukulele Case
U-900 Soprano Ukulele Case

And, of course, the Bear needs his uke to be a pineapple shape, right?  Yup.  Take a gander:

aNueNue U-900 Bear Pineapple Ukulele
aNueNue U-900 Bear Pineapple Ukulele

And here's the case for the Bear:

aNueNue U-900 Bear Pineapple Ukulele Case
aNueNue U-900 Bear Pineapple Ukulele Case

So, if you are looking for one of these little beauties, then just check below. This page will update to show you which aNueNue U-900 Ukuleles are available on eBay at all times! Warm up your refresh button! 😉

Oh yeah, and if you have my name for Xmas.... GET ME ONE OF THESE!

[phpbay] (u900|u-900|u 900), , "16224", "", , , , , , , , uke-u-900[/phpbay]

aNueNue Concert Banjo Ukulele (it rules)

Well, after my broken string problem yesterday (NOTE: you should probably triple knot your strings before you slip them through the tailpiece on these bad boys) I got this baby tuned up last night and then I ended up drinking wine, playing banjolele and singing too loud until about 1am.  That would have been fine and dandy but my wife is out of town and I have both the boys.  So, 7am came earlier than I remembered this morning.  But blurry-eyed and happy, I still managed to get food in them, make a lunch and get them to school and Grandma's house (respectively).

To celebrate, over lunch, I made some videos with my new favorite possession.  First off, I once again want to thank Rich of for the screaming deal on this banjo ukulele.  Also, I think the aNueNue folks had something to say about it, so huge thanks to them as well!  I would have gladly paid $500 for this ukulele!  If you want to get one for yourself, check out my newly added aNueNue section on the website.

Anyway, here's the video introduction:

Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll make another video.  I've also recorded a video of me playing Five Foot Two with this baby (because it really seems to lend itself to standards like that).  After I post that video, I just remembered that I never posted the drunken escapade that became the escalating electric fence wager.  So, just wait for that.  It's barely ukulele-related at all, but it's pretty funny.  Happy weekend all!

aNueNue’s Banjo Ukuleles (details coming soon)

So I got an e-mail from a nice fella named Rich Cichowski. He runs an eBay guitar store ( and he's a big fan of Orcas strings.  So, we get to talking and he's telling me about Orcas strings (which I will review now that I have some) and also about the new Tenor Banjo Ukuleles from aNueNue.  I'm super intrigued especially when I see how pretty these things are.  Check it out:

aNueNue Banjo Ukuelele Click on the uke to go to their site and see what else they offer, but then come back here because they don't sell direct and Rich has the goods!  The banjo ukulele in the picture is a concert, I believe, but the one Rich sent me to test out is a tenor.  I literally just opened the package but I was so excited that I had to tell someone.  Don't worry, though, videos and reviews will be forthcoming on both the aNueNue Banjo Ukulele and the Orcas strings.  Although, I already broke a string with my stupidity, so I'm going to order another set from Rich as soon as I post this.  Heh... no one has ever accused me of being the Ukulele genius, thank god.

Anyway, in the meantime, check out Rich's stuff.  Here is his Orcas stuff:

[phpbay] orcas, , "16224", "hanger stand", , abetterguitarstore2010, , , , , , uke-rich-orcas[/phpbay]

And here are some of the aNueNue ukuleles you can get from Rich:

[phpbay] anuenue, , "16224", "carbon hanger stand black", , abetterguitarstore2010, , , , , , uke-rich-orcas[/phpbay]

Holy smokes. I'm freaking excited! My first banjo ukulele experience!

EDIT: Turns out the aNueNue Banjo Ukulele I'm testing out is a Concert, not a Tenor like I said above.  I think I got it confused because Rich was talking to me about aNueNue's 6-string tenor ukuleles and I transposed it somehow.  Anyway, I've got the aNueNue Concert Banjo Ukulele out of the case, I've got the floating bridge in place and I'm stretching the strings right now.  The tone is soooo much more different than I'm used to.  I'll tell you more once I get a video recorded.