Drunken Discovery: Tahitian 8-Stringed Ukulele

So, I had a few beers last night and it started out that I was going to be searching eBay to find a replacement/upgrade for my Danelectro Hodad Guitar.  I played an American Fender Stratocaster at band practice and, while I did enjoy it, I think I'm too used to my Hodad's whammy bar and I really like the thin sound it has (see, it's made of masonite).  Anyway, that's how the evening began.  I'm not totally sure how it ended but here is what I do know.

  1. I had to clear more than 4 beer cans off of my desk this morning
  2. I had about 30 eBay browser tabs open
  3. I had e-mail from eBay saying that I had made an offer on a Banjolele
  4. I discovered the Tahitian 8-Stringed Ukulele

I'm most excited about number 4.  You see, I never knew there was such a thing as a Tahitian Ukuelele.  What's awesome about them is that they are all carved into cool representations of sea creature.  So, some have pairs of dolphins on them and others look like gigantic manta rays!  The bad news about this discovery is that it's only a matter of time before I have to buy one of these.  Regarding the Banjolele offer I made, though, I heard from a guy today that's going to let me review a Banjolele soon.   If I like it, I'll probably buy it as well, so I'll make sure and show it off to you guys.

Archtop Tenor Jazz Sunburst Ukulele with F-holes

Holy smokes, that is a pretty Ukulele!  It looks like something that Les Paul would play if he were still with us (and he was rocking a Ukulele).  I'm reading the auction notes and it looks like this is a brand new design.  That makes sense, because I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.  It comes with a custom-made black canvas hardshell case as well.  Dang.

The price is really reasonble.  You could easily spend $240 on another Ukulele, but I'd be surprised if you could get one as beautiful and as well-made as this little number.

I know I told everyone it was my birthday last week, when I was asking  all to buy me the $30,000 Tiple Ukulele.  Well.. I was lying.  BUT now it really is my birthday. 😉  Gimme this beautiful uke!