Archtop Tenor Jazz Sunburst Ukulele with F-holes

Holy smokes, that is a pretty Ukulele!  It looks like something that Les Paul would play if he were still with us (and he was rocking a Ukulele).  I'm reading the auction notes and it looks like this is a brand new design.  That makes sense, because I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.  It comes with a custom-made black canvas hardshell case as well.  Dang.

The price is really reasonble.  You could easily spend $240 on another Ukulele, but I'd be surprised if you could get one as beautiful and as well-made as this little number.

I know I told everyone it was my birthday last week, when I was asking  all to buy me the $30,000 Tiple Ukulele.  Well.. I was lying.  BUT now it really is my birthday. 😉  Gimme this beautiful uke!