Kala Pocket Ukulele Video

Peter from Easy Music Center, in Hawaii, just sent me an e-mail with a link to a video showing off the pocket ukulele.   Seeing how small it actually is in the video is a little bit mind-blowing.  Especially when you see it next to the Soprano (which completely dwarfs it).  The guy who is playing the pocket ukulele looks like he is struggling a little bit, but I suppose that makes sense. It's probably a bit of an adjustment to get your hands used to that tiny thing [insert your own joke here].  But, at the end of the video, the poket uke player really starts kicking out the jams.  Anyway, enough of my yakking.  Check it out for yourself.

Luna Tattoo Pineapple Soprano Ukulele (it’s new to me)

So, I was randomly surfing Amazon to see if there were any new Ukuleles available when I found a "Luna Tattoo Pineapple 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele".  Huh?  After the Kala Pocket Ukulele snuck by me earlier today I was feeling a little disheartened to see this purty uke.  Mainly because I hadn't really heard of Luna before.  Dang.  I must be losing my edge (assuming I ever had one, I guess).  Take a look and see what I mean by purty:

Luna Tattoo Pineapple 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele
Luna Tattoo Pineapple 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele

According to the Amazon detail, this ukulele is made of Mahogany and the Polynesian Tattoo design on the body and fret markers was laser-etched on there.  It's got Aquila Strings on there and triangle inlays.  I mean, I'm a little surprised that it's only $69.  It's freaking gorgeous!  Also, if you are one of those giant Samoan guys who is covered in those rad tattoos, then think how great it will be to have a Uke that matches YOU!  Heh.  Ok, I can only dream that giant Samoan Tattooed guys are reading my blog.  Some day, man... some day.

Kala Pocket Ukulele (I will kill to get one)

So, I was just doing random Google searches for ukulele (as I always do) and I came across a post on EasyMusicCenter.com talking about Kala giving someone a Pocket Ukulele.  Huh?  Pocket Ukulele?  Do you mean a Soprano Uke?  Well, apparently not.  Check out this picture of the Kala Pocket Ukulele.

Kala Pocket Ukulele
Kala Pocket Ukulele

"Dear Kala, How the hell can Ukulele Guy get one of these beauties?"  Seriously, I didn't even see them on the Kala website.  I would consider punching a nun to get a shot at it, that's how desperate I am.  Well.. maybe not a nun, but certainly an old lady dressed in black and white.

If anyone has more information, let me know!

Some more FREE Uke Tabs

So, everyone was so psyched by that Ukulele Beatles site that I figured I'd try to find some more free ukulele tabs.  It didn't take too long before I found The Big Muffin Serious Band.  These guys are a busking band from New Zealand and they have two ukuleles in the band.  They've been around since 1983?!

Well, anyway, they have a section on their site with over 100 pdf files of ukulele songs.  Here are some of the highlights:

Alright, now you know what to do, right?  Get to work! 😉

Beatles Ukulele Songs (Fun and Easy)

So, I think I tweeted this link before but I wanted it on the site as well so folks could find it.  The site is called Ukulele Beatles Fun! and it's basically a bunch of (64!) flash pages for different Beatles songs.  What's great is that it plays a version of the song and then shows you chord shapes while the song is playing.  You can stop it, rewind, etc.  Heck, you can even tune your ukulele and check out all the lyrics.  Basically, it rules.

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for The Beatles and also this site because it was the first page I found after I got my first ukulele (a Lanikai CK-TEQ).  In fact, I used this site to learn my first song on Ukulele, "She came in through the bathroom window".  But, in case you too are just starting out, I wouldn't recommend that song, it has some pretty tricky chord shapes and moves.  But, I guess it's a testament to learning songs in this way that I was eventually able to stumble through it.

Anyway, best of luck to ya!  Now, get out there and learn some Beatles!

Ukulele Beatles Fun! - http://beatlesite.info/