Free Ukulele Songbook

So, I stumbled across a blog post entitled, "Ukulele Songbook MP3s are available in Files section" and instantly I was excited.  After reading the article, it looks like folks from Ukulele Hall of Fame created the Fleabag Music songbook so that uke players, when we meet each other, can have a starting off point for playing together.  Basically it's sheet music and mp3s for a bunch of public domain songs that are popular on the Ukulele.  What's better, it's free!

The sheet music is really complete, but don't worry it also shows the fingerings for all the chords and you could just strum the chords.  Anyway, for a free resource, it's incredible!  Here are the direct links to the material (but I encourage you to check out the blog as well):

Original Song: Bed by Ukulele Guy

I wrote this shortly after getting married to my foxy wife (2003, maybe?).  Her family was visiting and they were all out doing something when the power went out at our house for 2+ hours.  As you might have guessed, I typically live in front of the computer, so, for a moment, I was lost.  Then I remembered where my ukulele and the candles were and I got to work.  For those that don't know, I'm the king of writing songs for pretty girls.  And, sometimes those tributes of song pay off.  In the case of my wife, the song tributes paid off and then some and I just wanted to make a song about how rad that was.  I recorded it on the computer when the power came back.  I think there are two ukulele tracks and two vocal tracks?  It's been awhile.

Bed by Ukulele Guy

Original Song: UPS Girl by Ukulele Guy

Ok.  In a classic "put up or shut up" moment.  @ShelfLifeCC on Twitter asked if I had posted any videos or mp3s of myself playing the Ukulele.   Hmm.. well, that's a good idea.  Too bad I have an incredibly short attention span.  So, generally I write a verse/chorus and then move on.  But, here's a song that I wrote for a love song project with a friend.  The concept was all love songs about specific girls.  We only collaborate and practice via Facebook.  So, of course, we haven't  played any shows yet.  But, I hope to soon.  I think we are calling the project, Yohan.  It's a long story.

Anyway, I was bitching that it was hard to find inspiration for a love song project when you work from your home.  I mean, I rarely see other humans during the day.  But.... there was one exception.  The foxy UPS lady!

UPS Girl performed by Ukulele Guy

Large Hadron Collider song

You remember the Large Hadron Collider, right?  Sure, you do, 17-mile-long tunnel near Geneva, Switzerland?  Supposed to make particles accelerate and collide and possibly give us more information about the Big Bang, and whatnot?  Or, maybe you remember it as the giant science thingy that when you turn it on, the world ends?  In either case, Will Howells wrote this little ditty about it.

Large Hadron Collider song by Will Howells