Original Song: Belated by Ukulele Guy #MusicMonday

I've lost track of how many #MusicMonday songs I've given y'all.  I think this might be seven?  In case you are new to the site, for some reason I promised to release an original ukulele song every Monday, on Twitter.  Well... I'm not giving up yet.

I wrote this song in 2005 or 2006 and there was a specific purpose for it.  See, my beautiful wife and our baby son were visiting relatives.  If you are married and have children, then you know what comes next.  That's right, beer and video games.  So, I stayed up till the wee hours playing World of Warcraft and enjoying frosty beverages.  Well.. I was celebrating so much that I forgot to call my wife on her birthday.  Yup, bad news, indeed.

So, in the sober light of morning, I immediately got to work writing this song for her.  The concept was supposed to be all the excuses as to why I didn't call her, but the song was so short that I'm not sure you would understand that if I didn't tell you.  I kinda jammed it all in there.  That's something I often do because of my insanely short attention span.  What were we talking about?  Oh yeah.. the song.

So, here ya go.  This is the song that explained to my wife why she shouldn't file for divorce. 😉


Belated by Ukulele Guy



Original Song: Getting Dressed Dance

Alright y'all.  This here marks the 6th consecutive #MusicMonday on twitter where I'm posting an original song by yours truly.  So... if I slip soon, then just remember that, at one time, I did give you 6 in a row!

Heh.. I wrote this song when my first son was born.  Whenever I was dressing him I found that I kept making up this goofy song about how to get dressed (and do it wrong).  I started with "Put on your shoes... then take off your pants... put your socks on your hands... that's how you do the getting dressed dance".  That's pretty much all I had until one night when my wife and I were baby-sitting our goddaugther (who was probably 12-13 at the time) and we decided it'd be run to record a full version of this song.

This is what came out of it.  I keep thinking about fleshing it out and/or maybe adding different/more words, but that's not something that I'm known for.  I like to make up a song, record it and then move right along.

So, here is that moment in time, captured in mp3 format. 😉

Getting Dressed Dance by Ukulele Guy (and wife and goddaughter)

Original Song: Simon Alton, Indeed by Ukulele Guy

So, exactly one month ago, today, I made a ridiculous promise on Twitter that I'd release an original ukulele song every #MusicMonday. I haven't let you down let (although today it was close, as my chest cold has returned with a vengeance). I had planned to use my new Gorillapod and my FlipVideo to make a cool video and song, but my voice is wrecked today.  See.. I've been sick for about a week, but regardless of that, I had to play a show on Halloween with my heavy new wave band.  It was our 10th anniversary of our interpretation of the David Bowie Ziggy Stardust record.  So, long story short, I feel like hammered crap today.

But.. never fear!  I'm not going to break my promise (yet).  Here is a ukulele ditty that I recorded for my new born son back in 2004.  I had this concept in my head that I wanted to be the Leon Redbone of ukulele or something.  You know, bolo ties, mint juleps and whatnot.   Anyway, that explains the production on this recording, anyway.  I still play this song all the time, it's one of the first songs I wrote on ukulele and I love to play it.  Although, I play it maybe too fast these days.  I like how jaunty it is in this version.

Simon Alton, Indeed by Ukulele Guy

Original Song: Megan Lannegan by Ukulele Guy

Alright, it's the third week of my crazy #MusicMonday promise on twitter.  I'm not ready to let anyone down, just yet.  I wrote this song for a love song project with a friend.  Yup, it was for the same project that I mentioned in my, "Original Song: UPS Girl by Ukulele Guy" post.   Anyway, we were talking about the concept for the band and I said something like, "It has to be really specific girl's names.  You know, something like 'Megan Lannegan, my assistant manager'".  So, I had to put my money where my mouth was and make a song titled Megan Lannegan.  Here's the first draft.

Megan Lannegan by Ukulele Guy

Original Song: Moderation Town by Ukulele Guy

So, I made some ridiculous promise on Twitter that I'd make a new song post every #MusicMonday.  Something tells me I'm going to regret that, but I'm not breaking the deal yet!

So, here's a vaguely new song fragment that I wrote.  I apparently have ADD because I like em short and sweet.

Ukulele Guy - Moderation Town

I should also mention that I mean the reference to Puerto Rican women in the most flattering way possible.  I, myself, had the privilege of dating a foxy Puerto Rican girl in high school for a year or two.  Ahh... Rosana Benhilde Lopez... I wonder what she's up to now?