Original Song: UPS Girl by Ukulele Guy

Ok.  In a classic "put up or shut up" moment.  @ShelfLifeCC on Twitter asked if I had posted any videos or mp3s of myself playing the Ukulele.   Hmm.. well, that's a good idea.  Too bad I have an incredibly short attention span.  So, generally I write a verse/chorus and then move on.  But, here's a song that I wrote for a love song project with a friend.  The concept was all love songs about specific girls.  We only collaborate and practice via Facebook.  So, of course, we haven't  played any shows yet.  But, I hope to soon.  I think we are calling the project, Yohan.  It's a long story.

Anyway, I was bitching that it was hard to find inspiration for a love song project when you work from your home.  I mean, I rarely see other humans during the day.  But.... there was one exception.  The foxy UPS lady!

UPS Girl performed by Ukulele Guy