Kala Pocket Ukulele Video

Peter from Easy Music Center, in Hawaii, just sent me an e-mail with a link to a video showing off the pocket ukulele.   Seeing how small it actually is in the video is a little bit mind-blowing.  Especially when you see it next to the Soprano (which completely dwarfs it).  The guy who is playing the pocket ukulele looks like he is struggling a little bit, but I suppose that makes sense. It's probably a bit of an adjustment to get your hands used to that tiny thing [insert your own joke here].  But, at the end of the video, the poket uke player really starts kicking out the jams.  Anyway, enough of my yakking.  Check it out for yourself.

  1. Sam Harrison says:

    Where do I get this? How much?

  2. Uke Guy says:

    The guys at http://EasyMusicCenter.com tell me that it should be available late February, early March. They are going to e-mail me when you can buy them. Also, I have an e-mail into Kala to see if we can firm up that date.

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