Everybody, meet Eleuke (and a rad Pedro da Silva video)

So, as you might have noticed this morning, if you follow me on Twitter that is, I discovered a rad little solid body electric ukulele.  Or, that is to say, I discovered a whole bunch of them made by EleukeUSA.  Frankly, I was a little embarrassed that I hadn't discovered them much earlier.  Especially considering that they sell them on Amazon and, again, if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I'm obsessed with tweeting random Amazon ukulele-related items.  (Ukulele Salad Tongs anyone?)

Anyway, I've talked with the good folks at EleukeUSA and they are going to send me one to test drive!  I think I'm getting the K-Series Blue Ukulele.  Here's a picture of this little beauty:

Eleuke Solid Body Electric Ukulele Concert MP3 - Blue CCK100BL-MP3
Eleuke Solid Body Electric Ukulele Concert MP3 - Blue CCK100BL-MP3

They have quite a few styles available, though, check out all of Eleuke's Solid Body Electric Ukuleles on Amazon. Another one that really dig the look of, is the Eleuke Mahogany Electric Uke.  It looks like something that Les Claypool would play (that is, if he played  Ukulele).  Here's a picture:

Eleuke MP3 Solid Magogany Concert Solid Body Electric Ukulele
Eleuke MP3 Solid Magogany Concert Solid Body Electric Ukulele

I know what you are thinking, though?  What does a $200-250 electric  ukulele sound like?  Well, here's an answer, in video form.  This is Pedro da Silva pretty much melting faces with an Eleuke (Mahogany, I think?).

When I get my hands on my Blue K-Series, I'll definitely make some videos for everyone to check out. Don't expect such proficient wizardry as Pedro, though. But, I think I will test drive it through my Fender SuperAmp and all of the effects pedals I use when I play guitar in my Heavy New Wave band. So, that'll be fun! It will surely be my loudest video to date, anyway. 😉

Anyway, expect more posts about Eleuke in the coming days.  I'm pretty intrigued by the MP3 input on the Uke.  I'm trying to think of weird ways in which to make use of that.  So, hopefully I'll have it figured out by the time I test drive it.

Here's more information for those who are interested.

EleukeUSA Website: http://www.eleukeusa.com
EleukeUSA Twitter: http://twitter.com/eleuke
EleukeUSA Facebook: http://facebook.com/eleuke

3 thoughts on “Everybody, meet Eleuke (and a rad Pedro da Silva video)”

  1. I have an eleuke mahogany concert that looks almost identical to the one shown above. It does not have the mp3 or ear plug jacks. It’s well made and plays fine, but after a couple of months of ukulele Ramones mania, I find that I never play it. Anybody interested?
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..Busking on the frozen tundra. =-.

  2. New they seem to be selling for between $220 and $240. Mine is virtually new. I would also include a package of spare nine volt batteries for the pre-amp and a set of extra screws for the cover plate on the pre-amp. I made the mistake of leaving the ukulele plugged in. I ran down the original battery and had to replace it. I noticed that the screws on the plate were really tiny and could easily get lost so I went to the hardware store and got a set of extras.
    Back to the price: $180.00

    you can write me at adamdelved (at) gmail (dot) com.
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..Busking on the frozen tundra. =-.

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