Video: CPUnit – Times Like These (EleUke 2010 Contest Entry)

Holy smokes.  These guys are real go-getters.  I had an e-mail this morning asking to post something about the video they made for the EleUke 2010 Contest.  Also it looked like they posted a video response to one of my EleUke videos (although I couldn't approve it because it wasn't in my Youtube inbox for some reason).

So, of course I checked out the video today.  Dang!  It's wicked professional looking.  These guys take ukulele contests seriously!  Anyway, give it a look and a listen.  It's a catchy little song and the giant animals are pretty great.  Best of luck in the contest, guys!

Video: The Eleuke Escalating Electric Fence Wager (part 2)

Ok. If you just came into this sequence of drunken buffoonery, make sure and check out Part 1 so you aren't lost. Actually, I guess you'll probably get the gist of it.... unless you are currently drunk, in which case you probably better watch Part 1.

Anyway, I should fill you in here.  My brothers and I are pretty competitive.  I can't really explain it because none of us really did much in the way of sports growing up (Bryan, your football season doesn't count).  Yet, if you get all three of us in one place, playing cards or (God forbid, Monopoly) and there is bourbon nearby, you can expect it won't end well.

As part of this we have a running gag about staging an eating contest.  So, let's say we're at a BBQ or picnic or something and one of the brothers remarks, "Man, I love deviled eggs!"  Within seconds, one of the other brothers will respond with "Yeah?  How many do you think you could eat in an hour".  And off we go.

So, with all of this in mind, it should come as no shock to you that as soon as I put an electric fence in my backyard (to keep marauding black bears from effing up my compost bin and childrens' faces) it was less than 20 minutes before the conversation steered to, "How much money would it take for you to touch the electric fence?".  If I recall correctly, Bryan started high with something like $1000 and then worked his way down to $125 or something.  Colin started at $85 or something.  I said $40 and then was somehow talked down to $20.  And so the story begins.  Don't worry though, there's quite a bit more video to come still.

To make this video acceptable for UkuleleGuy, you'll notice that I'm holding my Eleuke Electric Ukulele. Ahh yeah! Apparently I should have been playing it though, Eleuke is having a contest right now.

Video: The Eleuke Escalating Electric Fence Wager (part 1)

Damn, I nearly broke my "e" key on the title there.

Ok. I'm not going to say much about this video.... yet. Consider this a teaser of things to come. I know this doesn't appear to be especially ukulele-related, but rest assured that I was holding my Eleuke electric ukulele when I actually touch the electric fence. So... it's legit. 😉

This video series has more cursing than you've come to expect from my videos. But, don't worry, it also has more drinking and slurring. So, it balances out, right? Heh.

Video: Five Foot Two on aNueNue Concert Banjo Ukulele

Ok.  Now that we got that damned guinea pig quiet, I can actually play my new aNueNue banjo uke.  I picked this standard because I feel the Warner Bros. frog would appreciate it.  Now, I just have to remember which corner stone I buried him in so he doesn't bankrupt some poor bastard in the future.  Expect many more videos with this particular ukulele.  It is my new favorite.  When I finally get my novelty band off the ground, I plan to play this aNueNue for most of the songs. Something about it paired with a stomp box and possibly kazoo... I just know that's gonna sound bitchin'.

Guinea Pig Sabotage (listen all a y’all)

So, during the same lunch hour in which I recorded my introductory video for the aNueNue concert banjo ukulele, I also needed to record a song.  During this particular take, my son's guinea pig had something to say.

I guess I could have moved to a different room, but I've never a recorded a video in here before and I wanted to showcase my son's sweet Star War sheets and pillows.  So, I just put a pillow over the guinea pigs face and everyone was happy for the second take (which I'll upload later today or maybe Monday).  Jokes!

Jimmy the guinea pig is just fine and dandy, don't worry.  Besides we could always replace him the a Zhu Zhu Pet, right?  Gross.

I guess he had a reason to be pissed at me.  I had clipped my Flip MinoHD to his cage using my gorillapod, afterall.  Honestly, though, I don't think he was scared.  I just think he thought the gorillapod was food and he was mad that he couldn't reach it.  You see, he's a real lard ass.

Anyway, the real take is coming soon, but until then, enjoy the guinea pig sabotage: