Video: The Eleuke Escalating Electric Fence Wager (part 1)

Damn, I nearly broke my "e" key on the title there.

Ok. I'm not going to say much about this video.... yet. Consider this a teaser of things to come. I know this doesn't appear to be especially ukulele-related, but rest assured that I was holding my Eleuke electric ukulele when I actually touch the electric fence. So... it's legit. 😉

This video series has more cursing than you've come to expect from my videos. But, don't worry, it also has more drinking and slurring. So, it balances out, right? Heh.

  1. Are you going to be playing the Eleuke when you’re touching the fence? That might be an awesome entry to the Eleuke 2010 Contest.

  2. Uke Guy says:

    Shoot! As you’ll soon see, I’m just holding the Eleuke when I get shocked. Not playing it, I’m not sure I want to touch it again, though. I could be talked into it though. Heh.

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