Video: Five Foot Two on aNueNue Concert Banjo Ukulele

Ok.  Now that we got that damned guinea pig quiet, I can actually play my new aNueNue banjo uke.  I picked this standard because I feel the Warner Bros. frog would appreciate it.  Now, I just have to remember which corner stone I buried him in so he doesn't bankrupt some poor bastard in the future.  Expect many more videos with this particular ukulele.  It is my new favorite.  When I finally get my novelty band off the ground, I plan to play this aNueNue for most of the songs. Something about it paired with a stomp box and possibly kazoo... I just know that's gonna sound bitchin'.

  1. An Idle Dad says:

    Hey does it need any particular strings, or will standard uke strings work fine?

  2. Uke Guy says:

    Standard strings work just fine. I’m using a standard set of Orcas (which I’m really loving as well).

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