Video: CPUnit – Times Like These (EleUke 2010 Contest Entry)

Holy smokes.  These guys are real go-getters.  I had an e-mail this morning asking to post something about the video they made for the EleUke 2010 Contest.  Also it looked like they posted a video response to one of my EleUke videos (although I couldn't approve it because it wasn't in my Youtube inbox for some reason).

So, of course I checked out the video today.  Dang!  It's wicked professional looking.  These guys take ukulele contests seriously!  Anyway, give it a look and a listen.  It's a catchy little song and the giant animals are pretty great.  Best of luck in the contest, guys!

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! We really appreciate it and wish everyone who enters the EleUke contest good luck!

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