Goodbye from Ukulele Guy hello from Adventures in Nerdery

Howdy gang.  So, it's officially been a  year of making videos for Adventures in Nerdery so I've decided that it is time to retire Ukulele Guy.  This will be the last video that I add to the YouTube channel and probably the last blog post as well.  It's been a fun ride and I met lots of rad people, heard a lot of rad songs and learned a lot about Ukuleles.  But, dry your eyes friend!  I'm making more videos than ever over at Adventures in Nerdery so  you should come check it out.  In case you aren't convinced, dig on this video that explains what I do over there.  I bet you are gonna like it!

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Where have you gone?!

Yeah, I get it. I understand that I pretty much dropped off of the face of the earth. But, it's only because I've been doing important work. That's right, I've been making a difference, y'all.

I've been playing VIDEO GAMES!

No be fair, I've also been crazy busy with work, my old heavy new wave band (VOLUMEN) had a reunion show at the last Total Fest, here in Missoula and I still occasionally play ukulele with Jerry in our novelty act.

But, fret not, ukulele-loving folk, because Jerry and I have been making recording our Tuesday video game sessions and the results are (sometimes) hilarious. Also, each week we switch instruments to play the theme song, so there is still some ukulele up in this piece.

Here, check out the outtakes for this week's episode and you'll see me playing my Kala Pocket Ukulele while Jerry pretends to play bass.

If that tickles your fancy, you should watch the full episode. Or, if 17 minutes is too big of a commitment (believe me, you won't regret it), then check out this 7 minute episode featuring Chicken Lady!

The premise of "Who's Better?" (that's the name of the series, by the way) is that we challenge each other (and occasionally a guest star) to a video game battle. The winner gets bragging rights for the week. I designed the contest because I figured it would just legitimize all of the Jerry-bashing I already do. But... so far it hasn't been going my way.

Ok, well, I hope you join us. I promise to keep putting ukuleles up in there.