$30k Tiple Ukulele?! I’ll take two!

So, I was wading through ebay once again and then I got a goofy idea to sort the auctions based on price with the highest price at the top of the list.  Before I clicked to sort, I was trying to play a little guessing game with myself as to how high the price of the most expensive item would be.  I guessed $4,800.  As it turns out, I suck at that particular game because what was at the top was JOHN D'ANGELICO Guitar maker 1930-40's Tiple Ukulele.

JOHN DANGELICO Guitar maker 1930-40s Tiple Ukulele
JOHN D'ANGELICO Guitar maker 1930-40's Tiple Ukulele

Holy crud!  $29,999?!  Ahh.. wait, though.  Free Shipping!  So, it balances out, right?  Heh.  Reading the description of the tiple ukulele, you see that it sounds like the guy doesn't really want to sell it as much as he wants to talk about it.  But, that's fine by me because Tiple Ukuleles is something I know very little about.  I really do want to get my hands on one, though.  A 10-string ukulele?!  Why wouldn't you want that.

I've always had questions about how the strings are arranged and the auction answered that question for me:

"This tiple by D'Angelico has the first string doubled in unison, the second and third having three strings with the middle tuned a octive down from the others. and the forth in octave low then high."

Anyway, even if you don't have $30k burning a hole in your pocket, the auction is a good read.  Also, if you do have $30k burning a hole in your pocket, did I mention that today is my birthday! 😉  Ok, it isn't really my birthday, but with Thanksgiving coming up, I'm sure you were wondering what you could get for me, right?

JOHN D'ANGELICO Guitar maker 1930-40's Tiple Ukulele