Video: Delirious by Doctor Sparkles

You know... there is a real gray area between excitement, embarrassment, fear, sadness and ecstasy. This video lives in that gray zone for me. As an avid fan of all kinds of novelty music (don't get me started about Nervous Norvus) I really love this video.  But, something about Doctor Sparkles makes me a little bit sad inside.  Like, just maybe, you can see inside of his soul for a second and something slightly creepy might be going on in there?  Maybe I'm overreacting because I'm a tiny bit hungover today?

This video also reminds me of walking down the boardwalk at Venice Beach and seeing all the crazy street musicians.  I freaking love Harry Perry, the Kama Cosmic Crusader, whenever my band is on tour we try and seek him out to talk to him, video tape him and buy a new CD.  (You need to hear, "If it ain't hard rock, don't do it!", that song rules!)  Also, I once saw a one man band on the boardwalk at Venice Beach do a "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder.  The guy had a drum on his back, he was playing saxophone for the lyrics and he was playing the bass line with his freaking feet!?!  Awesome.  Hmm... I forgot what I was talking about.  Oh yeah!  Doctor Sparkles, doing Delirious by Prince!