Video: Movin’ Out, a drunken cover by Soft Trombone

Oh boy. Where to begin? You know, they say you should never start a performance with an apology. But, "they" weren't recording impromptu Billy Joel jams during a drunken birthday weekend. So, they can eat it. But, instead of moaning I'll just offer some explanations that hopefully give you some context on the video to follow.


  1. This video took place on my drunken camping birthday celebration.
  2. Soft Trombone (the name of our band, apparently) didn't have a name until the video started
  3. Soft Trombone also had never played together before this day.
  4. Soft Trombone isn't, by the Webster's definition anyway, a real band.
  5. Soft Trombone had just played about 20 other random songs and pretty much blown my voice to smithereens
  6. By this point in the evening, I had already enjoyed one of my birthday presents, which was a 24 ounce can of 4Loco..... and some beers.... and a shot or two of bourbon.
  7. My lovely wife is recording the video with two Flip camcorders, the recording from the second camera has yet to surface.  Based on the angle, I believe that Bryan Ramirez's "rock face" at the end of the video will be zoomed in and awesome.
  8. I have no idea who was watching any of the four children who were also present at the camping extravaganza.  I assume it was wood sprites or forest gnomes.

I suppose if I had any pride or any pretension at being a ukulele authority, I would never let this video see the light of day.  But, thankfully, I don't really care.  I was having a blast with some of my best friends and I think that definitely comes through.  Heh.  So, get out there kids, have fun and make fun of yourself because then you don't have to worry about someone doing it for you.