Video: George Formby – When i’m cleaning windows

I have to admit that I didn't have any idea who George Formby was until 3 weeks ago.  It seems to me that here in the states, if you only know one thing about the ukulele then you know about Tiny Tim.  I think across the pond, over in the UK, it's George Formby instead.  Now.. everyone should know that I love Tiny Tim dearly!  He was like a walking encyclopedia of tin pan-era music.  But, he's not really an exceptional ukulele player.  I mean, he's great, after watching Formby  it seems to me that Tiny Tim is outmatched.  Formby has some crazy strums!  Also, he's a real crack-up!  I mean, look at those facial expressions!  What do you mean, "Look at what?".  Oh.. right.  Here's the video:

I've been working on a version of this song, but just watching the video now I realize that I play it in a different key.  I start with F and then go to F7 but I think George starts at C and goes to C7.  I'll make a video soon of me playing, but don't get your hopes up.  George is definitely the master.  Maybe I can get my son (Age 5) to sing it with me, though, he loves this song.  This and Big Rock Candy Mountain are our big duos (besides our Ramones covers).