Original Video: Trailer Park Moms

I wanted to keep my momentum going, so I recorded this little video today.  Before I get into the song, I wanted to bring something up.  See, I guess when it comes to music and art, I'm sort of a Marxist.  By that I mean, if you are telling someone they can't appreciate art correctly unless they know Art History then you are basically saying, "You can't appreciate art because you are poor and didn't go to college".  That's lame.  By the same token, sure if all you can afford is a $20 ukulele, then that shouldn't mean you can't make art with it!

Now, let me get off of my soapbox because I'm pretty sure I just called my song "art".  Heh.  It isn't.  It is, however, a goofy novelty song and that's plenty good enough for me.  I wrote this song for a project with my brothers Colin and Bryan and we were going to call it "Those Damned Hickey Brothers".  But we never practice, so I'm not sure if we're really a band or not.  You know how sometimes you get drunk with your friends and talk about ridiculous things like road trips to Mexico that you are never going to take?  Well, I guess our band is like that.

I'm playing my wife's purple Mahalo ukulele in this video.  I bought it for her because I was already buying two Mahalos for my little boys and she expressed an interest.  For $20, it's pretty much the best Ukulele you can get, if you ask me.  This is especially true if you are buying a ukulele for a younger kid.  Sure, in a perfect world you'd buy Jr. a Kala, Ohana, Pono or other bitchin' ukulele.  But, let's be honest, they are going to break it in like 6 weeks... tops.

So, get them a Mahalo because it's inexpensive and totally playable.

Now... on to the song and possible offensiveness.

7 thoughts on “Original Video: Trailer Park Moms”

  1. Nice. No longer living in a park. Now I’m in a trailer in a field on the edge of town. Any chance of you sharing the chords to this one? It just seems like something I should play.
    Jon´s last blog post ..Oops- I missed a month

  2. Nice to see you back in for, Uke Guy! Jon already asked for the chords and you’ve answered so SWEET!

    Keep on rocking the free world and anyone from Iran who dials in.

  3. I swapped the fishing line that my kid’s Mahalo came with for a spare set of Aquila stings I had around. It sounded much better and upped the value of the uke by 33%.

    Any chance you can block out your strum for the rhythmically challenged?

  4. Heh.. I don’t think I know how to block out strums. You are also assuming that I know what I’m doing. The strums are pretty much all subconscious for me. I’ll see if I can figure out how to write it out, though. Maybe that’ll be some sort of breakthrough for me.

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