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Original Song: 8th Anniversary for Erika

Posted in Ukulele Songs, Ukulele Videos on June 9th, 2011 by Uke Guy – 1 Comment

So, here is how this happened.

Monday Night: I mention to my wife, Erika, that I'm thinking about playing some Call of Duty: United Offensive tomorrow night with the boys.  She asks, "Are we doing anything tomorrow?"  Instantly I get my sinking feeling in my gut.  What have I forgotten now?  Is tomorrow Valentine's day?  No, that doesn't make sense.... this is June.  Hrm.  So, I go ahead and hang myself by asking, "What's tomorrow?"   Yup.  You guessed it.  It was our 8th wedding anniversary.

Tuesday Afternoon: During an insanely busy day at work, I keep playing Ukulele between stabs of productivity at the keyboard.  It's time for the hail Mary pass.  It's time for an authentic anniversary love song for my baby doll.  But, more than that, it's time to deliver it on our actual wedding anniversary.  As you've seen in the past, I normally deliver these a day or so after the special event.  Come hell or high water, that was not happening this time!

So, here it is.  Four verses even!  Of course, there isn't a bridge yet, but I can work on that down the road.

If you are interested in the chords and words (Hay, maybe your life is exactly like mine so you can re-use the song for your wife?):

F# C#7 F# A# B C#

8 years ago, we got joined, in holy matrimony
then I took the band and left you while we toured around Estonia
In those two weeks I knew that I needed to be near ya
wherever you are I'll follow you and make your "there" our "here"-a

C# fiddly part

7 years ago, we told just about everyone who'd listen
that the world was too damn full for us to put any more kids in
well it turns out that we that last part wrong
you need at least 4 voices to sing our family's song (maybe just 4, eh?)

D#min B F#
C# D#min B C#7

We got engaged for all time
or at least the rest of our lives

And I'd be lying if I didn't admit
that I think I got the better deal by more than a little bit

6 years ago we got ourselves a towheaded something special
I thank my lucky stars that we weren't being careful
I can't imagine our empty lives without that tiny babe
Sure we'd get more sleep,  but we can do that in the grave

4 years ago, we decided to make our boy a brother
and even though they fuss and fight I know they love each other
who coulda guessed that ours hearts had holes inside
that our boys patched right up because they were exactly the right size



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Video: You Didn’t Have a Girl (the making of)

Posted in Ukulele Songs, Ukulele Videos on February 16th, 2011 by Uke Guy – 1 Comment

Hmm..  I totally thought I had posted this song already, but it looks like I was wrong.  So, here's the deal.  This Christmas, Erika (my wife) and I agreed to not spend very much money on presents for each other.  So, I had to sort of get creative.  Luckily, I'm the king of pulling a song out of my hat with a moment's notice.  And, this time I had helpers!

Or, rather, anti-helpers as the case may be.  You see, I decided to involve my two sons in the recording process.  In hindsight, this was a terrible idea, but the end result turned out great.  It was just incredibly painful.  They fight like cats and dogs on a good day and (as you can tell from their jammies) it was getting on in the day.

Anyhoo, I made the process even more painful by videotaping parts of the recording "session" with my Flip MinoHD.  I had actually forgotten that I had done this until I found the videos today.  So, I decided to finally give Adobe Premiere a shot and try and do some video editing.  This is my first editing attempt so please be gentle.  You should just be lucky I wasn't doing "star wipes" all over the place. Also, I guess I have to figure out how to edit it without that black border around the whole thing. If you are an Premiere genius, then I welcome your input.

If you want to hear the finished product, then give this a listen: Ukulele Guy - You Didn't Have a Girl

Oh yeah, and I was using my aNueNue Banjolele in this song.

NOTE: Of course, after I already uploaded this video and wrote the post I realized what I did wrong in Premiere.  The next video won't have those annoying black bars around it.  I'm not sure I'm going to re-do it, though, because I don't see a way to do that easily without starting all the way over.  And, I'm way to lazy for that.

Tabs: Trailer Park Moms

Posted in Ukulele Tabs on July 8th, 2010 by Uke Guy – 4 Comments

Well, John asked for chords for Trailer Park Moms so here ya go.  Don't spend it all in one place.  Hmm.. for some reason it didn't format right, but I think you can get the idea.  Just play along to the video.  Heh.

Bb                                                                                               C           F          Bb
Oh trailerpark moms are the funnest moms because they let you smoke weed
Bb                                                                                            C                                   Bb
trailer park moms are the funnest moms cause they get drunk and yell at the tv
Bb                                       Eb                                          F                                       Bb
trailer park moms are the funnest moms cause they let you pet the cat with cherry bombs
Bb                                                                                     C            F         Bb
trailer park moms are the funnest moms cause they let you smoke weed

Eb                                                                                       F
and the only thing better in the world than dating a trailer park girl
Bb                                                     Gm
is dating a girl with a trailer park mom
cause she's guaranteed to be hot
and if she's not
Bb                                                    Gm
she's like 100% likely to try and make it with you
like maybe she walks out of the shower topless
cause she "forget" that you were there
Bb                                                                                 Gm
yeah, that's the kind of shit that a guy could get used to
Eb                                             F                             Bb
and I used to.  I used to get used to you.  Oh trailer park mom

Bb - 3211
C   - 0001
F - 2010
Eb - 3331
Gm - 0231

Original Video: Trailer Park Moms

Posted in Ukulele Songs, Ukulele Videos on July 7th, 2010 by Uke Guy – 7 Comments

I wanted to keep my momentum going, so I recorded this little video today.  Before I get into the song, I wanted to bring something up.  See, I guess when it comes to music and art, I'm sort of a Marxist.  By that I mean, if you are telling someone they can't appreciate art correctly unless they know Art History then you are basically saying, "You can't appreciate art because you are poor and didn't go to college".  That's lame.  By the same token, sure if all you can afford is a $20 ukulele, then that shouldn't mean you can't make art with it!

Now, let me get off of my soapbox because I'm pretty sure I just called my song "art".  Heh.  It isn't.  It is, however, a goofy novelty song and that's plenty good enough for me.  I wrote this song for a project with my brothers Colin and Bryan and we were going to call it "Those Damned Hickey Brothers".  But we never practice, so I'm not sure if we're really a band or not.  You know how sometimes you get drunk with your friends and talk about ridiculous things like road trips to Mexico that you are never going to take?  Well, I guess our band is like that.

I'm playing my wife's purple Mahalo ukulele in this video.  I bought it for her because I was already buying two Mahalos for my little boys and she expressed an interest.  For $20, it's pretty much the best Ukulele you can get, if you ask me.  This is especially true if you are buying a ukulele for a younger kid.  Sure, in a perfect world you'd buy Jr. a Kala, Ohana, Pono or other bitchin' ukulele.  But, let's be honest, they are going to break it in like 6 weeks... tops.

So, get them a Mahalo because it's inexpensive and totally playable.

Now... on to the song and possible offensiveness.

Original Song Video: Victorian Farm Failure Love Song

Posted in Ukulele Songs, Ukulele Videos on April 15th, 2010 by Uke Guy – 2 Comments

Yeah, say that title three times fast.  I dare ya!  Heh.  Well, I'll let the video do most of the talking on this one since I, apparently, can't record a Ukulele video without talking through half of the damn thing.  I really like the sound of my own voice, I guess?

If you are intersted in the chords or words, I've posted them below.

The plowhorse went lame
the wheat crop failed
when the well went dry
A#dim (0202)
I knew that the rest was sure to follow
Bb                     C
looks like the pretty life we planned yesterday
A7         A     Bb
gonna turn to dust tomorrow
Bb                              C              A7
and the day after that is gonna be more of the same
Bb                              C
Well you said that it wasn't my fault
A7         Dm
but I know that was a lie
Bb                              C              A7                      Bb
it's just that you couldn't bear to let all that pain and sadness back inside
Gm                C
You just couldn't admit
Gm                C
that maybe it was wrong
Gm                         C                  F
to fall for a guy cause he wrote you a pretty song.

The roof still leaks
The Barn's collapsed
It hasn't rained for weeks
and I know that the worst has yet to get here

Bb           C
You said youy'd stay with me forever
A7            A          Bb
but we both know that's not right
Bb                              C              A7
Why you and the children run off the farm tonight
Bb                              C
Well you said that it wasn't my fault
A7         Dm
but I know that was a lie
Bb                              C              A7                      Bb
it's just that you couldn't bear to let all that pain and sadness back inside
Gm                C
You just couldn't admit
Gm                C
that maybe it was wrong
Gm                         C                  F
to fall for a guy cause he wrote you a pretty song.
Gm                  C
So baby, if this is it
Gm                  C
If this is the very last so long
Bb                            C                 F
I'm still glad it was me what wrote that pretty song

P.S.  This video was made with my Lanikai CK-TEQ Tenor Ukulele.

Original Song: Gus Hickey is Picky…

Posted in Ukulele Songs on March 12th, 2010 by Uke Guy – Be the first to comment

When I first started this blog (sometime in September '09, I think?) I used to post an original Ukulele Song on every #MusicMonday on Twitter.  Well, that pretty much went off the rails after like 10 weeks or so.  But, I still want to share some of my songs with you guys, so I'm trying to force myself to get back into it.

I especially needed to record a rough draft of this song because, in two days, Gus won't be two years old anymore and I'll need to come up with a new chorus.  So today I jotted this little number down so I won't forget it.

I keep saying Rough Draft but my guess is that this is how the song stays.  I generally like to think up a song and record it as quickly as I can with every intention of flushing it out and adding parts, but, honestly, it's more fun to make up unfinished songs than it is to finish songs.  So, I guess I'm a "sketch artist".

Anyway, when I put the boys to bed, I usually sing songs to them to help them fall asleep.  One night I just started making up this song for Gussy (his given name is August, but we almost never call him that) and it sort of stuck.  The lyrics are all pretty particular to Gussy and  his quirks so I'm not sure how well it'll translate if you don't actually know him.

Actually, that's something I've been thinking about a lot lately.  I keep meaning to get into the studio (Club Shmed studios, here in Missoula.. they rule) and record a kid's record (I even was given some studio time from my wife, as a gift) but I've been putting it off because so many of my songs are really specific to my kids and my wife.  But, driving home from a Volumen show the other night, I decided that I'm actually going to go the other direction.  I'm going to record a kid's record of songs ONLY about and inspired by my family.  No offense to the rest of the world, but they really are at the top of my list. 😉

Anyway, when/if I ever do that, this song will be on that CD.  It's for my son, Gus, who turns three on Sunday.

Gus Hickey is Picky...

Lemme know if you need the chords, but I'm sort of doubting that you want to learn a song about someone else's kid.  Heh.

Video: Original Song – Santa Claus Needed a Drink by Ukulele Guy

Posted in Ukulele Songs, Ukulele Videos on December 7th, 2009 by Uke Guy – 2 Comments

Alright, so in the last 12 mondays, I've given you 11 original songs. Today is number eleven! I have to admit that when I woke up this morning and remembered that it was #MusicMonday on Twitter, I got a little frightened.  I didn't really have an idea of what song I was going to do for you and then suddenly one popped right in my brain.  I think this might be my first #MusicMonday original song that was actually written on the day I posted it.  So... that's fun, right?

There just aren't enough Xmas drinking songs, either, so maybe I can be the guy that fills that little niche.  Also, unlike my other original song posts, I'm actually giving you the chords for this one.   Usually I just promise to do it and then promptly forget.  So, check out the chords below the video if you are interested.  I'm not 100% married to this arrangement yet and it prolly needs another verse, but who has time to polish, right?  I'm too busy make the rough outlines of songs.

Santa Claus Needed a Drink
by Ukulele Guy
C&P Ukulele Guy 2009

well I stayed up real late 
on Christmas Eve this year
I was waiting for Santa 
               C7                  G7
cause I didn't believe that he was real
So it came as a bit of a shock
when he walked through my front door
        A      C                 G
moaning nobody believes in me no more

yup Santa Claus needed a drink
well who was I to stop him
so we grabbed a bottle of bourbon 
and we drank til we hit the bottom

so don't be surprised on Christmas day 
          A9 0102
if your presents don't appear
    A                          C             G
see Santa Claus is pretty damn hungover this year

Well I slept in a little late
on the morning of the day of Xmas
there were daggers behind my eyes
            C7                  G7
and I could barely keep down my breakfast
I clutched my head and stumbled around
just trying to remain upright
                    A                 C                        G
when I tripped over Santa Claus, I  guess he the spent the night

yup Santa Claus needed a drink
well who was I to stop him
so we grabbed a bottle of bourbon 
and we drank til we hit the bottom

so don't be surprised on Christmas day 
if your presents don't appear
    A                               C              G
see Santa Claus got pretty freaking hammered this year

A 2100
Am 2000
G 0232
G7 0212
C 0003
C7 0001
A0 0102

Video: The Omen by Ukulele Guy

Posted in Ukulele Videos on November 30th, 2009 by Uke Guy – Be the first to comment

So, nobody busted my chops about it, but I broke my Twitter promise last week.  You remember my Twitter promise, right?  Yeah, I made a promise that every #MusicMonday I would release an original ukulele song.  Well, last week I let ya down.  But, this week I'm back in the saddle with an original ukulele song (in video form).

This is one of the first songs that I wrote on ukulele and it's still unfinished.  I believe it was inspired by The Omen (you know, the movie with Gregory Peck)?  I've also been told that it's reminiscent of Hotel California.  Hmm... all I know is that I'm still not 100% happy with it and I don't think it will ever have words.  But, I'll let you listen and judge for yourself.

The ukulele that I'm playing in this video is my trusty Lanikai CK-TEQ tenor ukulele.  It desperately needs new strings.

Original Song: Belated by Ukulele Guy #MusicMonday

Posted in Ukulele Songs on November 16th, 2009 by Uke Guy – Be the first to comment

I've lost track of how many #MusicMonday songs I've given y'all.  I think this might be seven?  In case you are new to the site, for some reason I promised to release an original ukulele song every Monday, on Twitter.  Well... I'm not giving up yet.

I wrote this song in 2005 or 2006 and there was a specific purpose for it.  See, my beautiful wife and our baby son were visiting relatives.  If you are married and have children, then you know what comes next.  That's right, beer and video games.  So, I stayed up till the wee hours playing World of Warcraft and enjoying frosty beverages.  Well.. I was celebrating so much that I forgot to call my wife on her birthday.  Yup, bad news, indeed.

So, in the sober light of morning, I immediately got to work writing this song for her.  The concept was supposed to be all the excuses as to why I didn't call her, but the song was so short that I'm not sure you would understand that if I didn't tell you.  I kinda jammed it all in there.  That's something I often do because of my insanely short attention span.  What were we talking about?  Oh yeah.. the song.

So, here ya go.  This is the song that explained to my wife why she shouldn't file for divorce. 😉


Belated by Ukulele Guy



Original Song: Bed by Ukulele Guy

Posted in Ukulele Songs on October 12th, 2009 by Uke Guy – 1 Comment

I wrote this shortly after getting married to my foxy wife (2003, maybe?).  Her family was visiting and they were all out doing something when the power went out at our house for 2+ hours.  As you might have guessed, I typically live in front of the computer, so, for a moment, I was lost.  Then I remembered where my ukulele and the candles were and I got to work.  For those that don't know, I'm the king of writing songs for pretty girls.  And, sometimes those tributes of song pay off.  In the case of my wife, the song tributes paid off and then some and I just wanted to make a song about how rad that was.  I recorded it on the computer when the power came back.  I think there are two ukulele tracks and two vocal tracks?  It's been awhile.

Bed by Ukulele Guy