Song: Men at Work’s “Down Under” by Pretty Good Musicians

So, I'm wading through my inbox and trying to get my life back together again after the holidays.  So far I have 644 messages to go.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that I'm halfway done.  The better news is that I found an e-mail from Hillary (from Pretty Good Musicians) and it has a working link to their Men at Work rendition.

You remember Pretty Good Musicians, right?  What?!  You don't?  Harumph.  Then check out them doing Paula Abdul and Duck Tales, yo.

They also cleared up some 30+ year confusion for me.  I never knew what they were saying in the part that sounds like "Chunder".  Guess what?  It's actually Chunder.  To quote Hillary,

You're correct, he does say 'chunder', which is an Aussie saying for vomit.  The entire line is 'Where beer does flow and men chunder.'  I guess they can't hold their Foster's so well.

Touche Australian.  You just got slammed by a ukulele-wielding rad chick.

Anyway, here is their cover of Down Under.

Down Under - A Men at Work cover by Pretty Good Musicians

2 thoughts on “Song: Men at Work’s “Down Under” by Pretty Good Musicians”

  1. Errr… Wow. What an… interesting… version. LOL. Americans shouldn’t sing that song: just saying. The song actually lends itself to ukulele very well. Still bloody popular down here anyway.

    And in my countrymen’s defense I’m yet to see an Australian put their dick on a live electrical fence!

  2. Heh. My favorite part of their cover is “Why wouldn’t your language be English”. Heh. In regards to the electric fence. I hope to post that video finale this week. But, I can tell you this much. Before I posted it, I did a Youtube search for “nuts on electric fence” and one of the only videos returned were some teenagers putting their nuts on an electric fence in their garden. Guess what? They were Australian. I kid you not!

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