Original Song: Gus Hickey is Picky…

When I first started this blog (sometime in September '09, I think?) I used to post an original Ukulele Song on every #MusicMonday on Twitter.  Well, that pretty much went off the rails after like 10 weeks or so.  But, I still want to share some of my songs with you guys, so I'm trying to force myself to get back into it.

I especially needed to record a rough draft of this song because, in two days, Gus won't be two years old anymore and I'll need to come up with a new chorus.  So today I jotted this little number down so I won't forget it.

I keep saying Rough Draft but my guess is that this is how the song stays.  I generally like to think up a song and record it as quickly as I can with every intention of flushing it out and adding parts, but, honestly, it's more fun to make up unfinished songs than it is to finish songs.  So, I guess I'm a "sketch artist".

Anyway, when I put the boys to bed, I usually sing songs to them to help them fall asleep.  One night I just started making up this song for Gussy (his given name is August, but we almost never call him that) and it sort of stuck.  The lyrics are all pretty particular to Gussy and  his quirks so I'm not sure how well it'll translate if you don't actually know him.

Actually, that's something I've been thinking about a lot lately.  I keep meaning to get into the studio (Club Shmed studios, here in Missoula.. they rule) and record a kid's record (I even was given some studio time from my wife, as a gift) but I've been putting it off because so many of my songs are really specific to my kids and my wife.  But, driving home from a Volumen show the other night, I decided that I'm actually going to go the other direction.  I'm going to record a kid's record of songs ONLY about and inspired by my family.  No offense to the rest of the world, but they really are at the top of my list. 😉

Anyway, when/if I ever do that, this song will be on that CD.  It's for my son, Gus, who turns three on Sunday.

Gus Hickey is Picky...

Lemme know if you need the chords, but I'm sort of doubting that you want to learn a song about someone else's kid.  Heh.