Original Song: Getting Dressed Dance

Alright y'all.  This here marks the 6th consecutive #MusicMonday on twitter where I'm posting an original song by yours truly.  So... if I slip soon, then just remember that, at one time, I did give you 6 in a row!

Heh.. I wrote this song when my first son was born.  Whenever I was dressing him I found that I kept making up this goofy song about how to get dressed (and do it wrong).  I started with "Put on your shoes... then take off your pants... put your socks on your hands... that's how you do the getting dressed dance".  That's pretty much all I had until one night when my wife and I were baby-sitting our goddaugther (who was probably 12-13 at the time) and we decided it'd be run to record a full version of this song.

This is what came out of it.  I keep thinking about fleshing it out and/or maybe adding different/more words, but that's not something that I'm known for.  I like to make up a song, record it and then move right along.

So, here is that moment in time, captured in mp3 format. 😉

Getting Dressed Dance by Ukulele Guy (and wife and goddaughter)

2 thoughts on “Original Song: Getting Dressed Dance”

  1. Great little song. I am an art teacher and will play this song for a project I’m doing with special needs kids — getting dressed, wearing weather appropriate clothes, etc. I’ll check your site for more good stuff. Thanks.

  2. Ahh… that makes me happy! I’m glad you found the site. I have more kid’s stuff on the site (although, not a ton) but I’ll post some more now that I know someone’s checking it out. I think if you search my site for “twitter” or “music monday” you can find all the original songs I’ve posted.

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