The Singing Treholipee (the surfing man’s ukulele)

You know, I've always been looking for one of these, but they don't seem to come up on eBay all that often. The other day I was right in the middle of a project and suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, I thought "Treholipee!" and instantly ran over to eBay. Sure enough, someone was selling one for a great price (probably because it needs some love). I snapped that baby up and now I'll see if I can restore it a little bit.

If you didn't know about these strange instruments, they were marketed to surfers in the 60s. It came with a strap so you could wear it on your back and it has the huge headstock so you can dig it into the sand and it'll stay put while you are doing all your surfing stuff. Here, check out this video I made about my new one:

If you know anything about these instruments, I'd love to talk to you. And/or if you are a crafty person who might have some ideas as to how I'm going to replace that tuning paddle, I'd love to hear it!

1960s Vintage Swagerty Uke Ukulele The Singing Treholipee Surf Surfer Ukelele
1960s Vintage Swagerty Uke Ukulele The Singing Treholipee Surf Surfer Ukelele
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  1. Lori Williams says:

    I have a treholipee in good condition, missing two strings only. Has all four paddles for tuning. Let me now if your interested in it and I can send you a picture. Otherwise I will place online for sale.

    Thank you,


  2. Tom Geary says:

    Lori: Do you still have your treholipee? I would be interested.

  3. Uke Guy says:

    Heh. I sent her e-mail as well but didn’t hear back. Lori, it sounds like Tom and I might fight over it! 😉

  4. Tom Geary says:

    Come on now Uke Guy. You have one. I don’t. 😉

  5. Uke Guy says:

    *Sniff* But… but… mine is broken! 😉 Although, check out the listing above? Looks like someone is selling one for $225?

  6. Tom Geary says:

    Uke Guy. I bought the one on ebay. Got them down some but still more than I wanted to pay but how often do you see these.
    There was one on Shop Goodwill that looked to be in good shape but I lost the auction by $2.00. Ugh. Sold for $62.00, one broken tuner, one broken string, no strap.
    Now I wait for mine to arrive to see if the tuners work, then what about strings and tuning.
    Any ideas.

  7. the Dirt Surfer says:

    Uke guy. I have 2 treholipes.One in dark red I inherited.The other is brown. I found it one day on E-bay.Cost me 300.Came from a wherehouse in Pennsy–in the orginal box,sales slip,ad brochure–a time machine.But what i really thought you might be interested in–I grew up and still live in San Clemente.I remember when they came out and were in all the music stores.Ansel was a cabinet maker that made the instruments for fun.We used to go down to the shop–which ironically was behind where my business is now, and look at all the neat toys. I don’t play mine because I don’t want to break the tuners but they are nice wall pieces in my music room.

  8. Uke Guy says:

    Still in the box! That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing your story about Ansel. I love hearing more and more about Swagerty.

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