Another Magical Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Moment

So, this morning I hopped on the ole computer feeling a little bit groggy (I'm not a morning person).  I headed over to twitter to see if I had missed anything, and I notice that @valcam1 has tweeted a Youtube link at me.  The morning is starting to look up.  So, I made my way over to Youtube to see a  Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain video that I've never seen before.  Huzzah!  Now, I don't know if I'm just slightly emotional today, or maybe slightly hungover, or what, but when they all come in together at the end, I definitely teared up a little bit.  Yeah, I'm a sap, I'll admit it.  Enjoy!

‘Dreaming of You’ by The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

Somebody was nice enough to send me a link to The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra's web site recently.  However, they sent it as a Twitter Direct Message so it's a miracle that I ever saw it. 😉  Seriously folks, Twitter DM-land is just auto-responder-spammer hell.  I have to be pretty drunk to go there on purpose.  However, if you tweet @ukulele_guy, I'll pretty much always respond.

Anyway, I was check out the WIUO site and it looks pretty classy and professional.  Heck, they've got T-shirts!  Even kid's sizes, I think?  Awesome.  I always get pangs of jealousy when I see all these towns with their own Ukulele Orchestras, but I suppose I should just get off my ass and make the Missoula Montana International (because Canada is so close) Ukulele Orchestra.  Maybe one day it will happen.

Well, my jealousy was compounded after I watched this video.  I mean, they do The Coral covers?  I freaking love The Coral!  Any band that makes a video inspired by the 1973 version of Wicker Man is tops in my book.  Anyway, enjoy The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra doing The Choral's "Dreaming of You".  The claim the video was made in 11 minutes with a budget of $5.98.  But, for my $.02, I'd gladly watch this over and over again.