Beatles Ukulele Songs (Fun and Easy)

So, I think I tweeted this link before but I wanted it on the site as well so folks could find it.  The site is called Ukulele Beatles Fun! and it's basically a bunch of (64!) flash pages for different Beatles songs.  What's great is that it plays a version of the song and then shows you chord shapes while the song is playing.  You can stop it, rewind, etc.  Heck, you can even tune your ukulele and check out all the lyrics.  Basically, it rules.

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for The Beatles and also this site because it was the first page I found after I got my first ukulele (a Lanikai CK-TEQ).  In fact, I used this site to learn my first song on Ukulele, "She came in through the bathroom window".  But, in case you too are just starting out, I wouldn't recommend that song, it has some pretty tricky chord shapes and moves.  But, I guess it's a testament to learning songs in this way that I was eventually able to stumble through it.

Anyway, best of luck to ya!  Now, get out there and learn some Beatles!

Ukulele Beatles Fun! -