Video: Pecker, doing “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”

So, I spent the whole weekend pretty much ignoring my computer and living in the backyard (when it was nice) and the movie theatre (when it was crappy out).  So, as a result, I didn't see a tweet from @gotanda until just a few minutes ago.  That's a shame because it means I could have watched the Youtube video he sent me a few more dozen times.  Heh.

The video is by someone known simply, as Pecker.  Yup.   Pecker.  I did a "D-" amount of research and I believe he's something like the Barcelona version of Gunther only with more (or is it less, I can never tell) ironic value.  If you wanna check out his site, you can find it at

Anyway, the video is just Pecker and a ukulele (is it a Mahalo maybe?) covering The Ramones song "I wanna be  your boyfriend".  That's one of my favorite Ramones songs and my son and I actually cover that ourselves when we are transformed into our Ramones cover band (we are called "Second verse, same as the first").

Anyway, the video is fun and I like his accent.  I'm especially glad that it's not faked (the accent, I mean).

Ukulele Blitzkrieg Bop by Gus and Fin

I'm pretty sick today and I didn't think I was going to post anything, but then I was watching some Gus and Fin videos on Youtube and they cheered me up.  So, here ya go.

These guys are the best!  The pick the best songs to cover (Hooray for The Ramones!) and they look like real characters to boot.  It looks like the fine folks (Woodshed probably?) wrote out the chords for this one, you can find them over at  Anyway, I'm headed back to the couch now to wallow in a wicked chest cold, but I hope this video brings a smile to yer face!  See ya tomorrow!

Oh yeah, this reminds me.  I have a Ramones cover band with my 5-year-old song (we are called "Second verse same as the first"), I'll upload a video of us real soon.  I'm just waiting on my Gorillapod!