Video: Zombie Apocalypse by Kirby Krackle

Ok.  It's shocking admission time.  Brace yourself.  It turns out that this isn't my only blog.  I'm sorry baby, I've been seeing other blog readers.  Do you think you can still love me?  Heh.  What's more shocking is that my other blog has been around since 1996, if you can believe that.

You see, friend, I have an unhealthy appetite for post-apocalyptic movies.  So, I made Post Apocalyptic Movie Mania when I was in college and it's still around, if you can believe that.  I haven't brought it up before because Ukuleles don't really factor into the the apocalypse, zombies and plagues too frequently.

That is... until now!  Boo-yah!  Zombies and Ukes!  You all have Kirby Krackle to thank for this.  Cause, you see, now I'm not going to shut up about Dawn of the Dead, 12 Monkeys, etc, etc.  In fact, I think it's time to revamp my old Volumen song "The Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Return of the Living Dead".  This time it will be an all ukulele arrangement.