Video: Pecker, doing “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”

So, I spent the whole weekend pretty much ignoring my computer and living in the backyard (when it was nice) and the movie theatre (when it was crappy out).  So, as a result, I didn't see a tweet from @gotanda until just a few minutes ago.  That's a shame because it means I could have watched the Youtube video he sent me a few more dozen times.  Heh.

The video is by someone known simply, as Pecker.  Yup.   Pecker.  I did a "D-" amount of research and I believe he's something like the Barcelona version of Gunther only with more (or is it less, I can never tell) ironic value.  If you wanna check out his site, you can find it at

Anyway, the video is just Pecker and a ukulele (is it a Mahalo maybe?) covering The Ramones song "I wanna be  your boyfriend".  That's one of my favorite Ramones songs and my son and I actually cover that ourselves when we are transformed into our Ramones cover band (we are called "Second verse, same as the first").

Anyway, the video is fun and I like his accent.  I'm especially glad that it's not faked (the accent, I mean).