Video and Tabs: Tonight You Belong to Me from The Jerk

So, a few weeks (months?) ago a good friend of mine (and Missoula's award-winning bartender), Al Pils, sent me a Youtube video of the great Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters song from the 1979 movie, The Jerk.  I decided I had to learn it.  Especially because if you want Steve's fingers it seems like the sound is especially fancy for what he's doing.  Wait... what?  You mean movies aren't always real?  Huh.  I'm not buying it.  Anyway, take a peak at the video first to get some context:

Anyway, I went looking for tabs but everything I found was in the wrong key or too simplified or both. Then I found the following video from mbrenne72.  I feel like he pretty much nailed it.  Although, some other folks seem to think you should tune your C string down a full step and every other string down 1/2 step, but that seemed much too difficult.  Anyway, if you tune your uke down 1/2 step and play it like I do then it sounds pretty good with the movie.  And, no, I didn't tab the coronet solo.

So... here's my video:

And for those of you who want to do this from the comfort of your own home, here's the tabs:
Tonight You Belong to Me
Tabs: Ukulele Guy
Based almost entirely on:
If playing along with the movie, tune your ukulele down ½ step.
NOTE: I'm Ukulele Guy, not Music Theory Guy or Ukulele Expert 😉

G	 = 0232
Gsus4	 = 0233
G6	 = 0202
G#6	 = 1313
G7	 = 0212
G7sus2   = 0210
G+5	 = 0332
A7	 = 0100
D7	 = 2223
D#-5	 = 0330
Cmaj7	 = 0002
C6	 = 0000
Cm6 	 = 2333
E9	 = 1222
E7	 = 1202
F#maj	 = x121 (3121)
Walk Part:
Dmaj-D7-D6-D =  2225-2223-2222-2220

G6 G#6 G6 plucked G string
G6 G#6 G6 D7

I know (I know)
      G7-G7sus2   Cmaj7-C6  G+5-D#-5
You belong     to somebody  new
      G         D   D7    G  Gsus4 G Dmaj-D7-D6-D
But Tonight you belong to me
Although (although)
we're apart
     Cmaj7-C6   G+5-D#5
Your part of my heart
      G         D   D7    G   Riff Part
And Tonight you belong to me

    Cm6     E9  Cm6
Way down by the stream
             E9   Cm6
How sweet it will seem
     G         F#maj  E7
Once more just to     dream
In the moonlight
My honey
I know (I know)
         G7-G7sus2  Cmaj7-C6    G+5-D#-5
With the dawn  that you will be gone
    G           D  D7     G
But tonight you belong to me
        D          G       77710
Just to little old me

There ya have it. Now, get out there and have fun and don't let anyone give you hard time. Ukulele elitism isn't good for anyone... plus, it's silly.