Vintage ebay: Harmony Child’s Toy Wooden UKULELE+Instructions

So, it's a lazy Sunday afternoon.  It's below freezing outside so I'm watching Ice Age 3 with the family and checking out ebay auctions for fun ukulele stuff.  Then I happen upon this little fella:

Ahhh.. cute!  It looks like something that Ralphie should have played in "A Christmas Story".   You know, like maybe that made some alternative version where he wished for this instead of the Red Rider BB Gun?  At the time of this post, it's only $10 and that seems like a pretty good deal for a vintage ukulele.  Plus, imagine what a badass you would fell like if you were doing Metallica Ukulele covers with a vintage children's Ukulele. So.. there ya have it:
Vintage Harmony Child's Toy Wooden UKULELE+Instructions