Kinohi ASD Tenor Ukulele w/Case

So, a friend of mine is really into Travis Bean guitars.    You might even say he's obsessed.  But, it makes sense, they are beautifully made custom guitars.  So, I get to thinking, what's the ukulele equivalent of a Travis Bean?  You know what I mean?  Let's say I hit the lottery and I want to buy a fantastic NEW ukulele.  Who is making those?  Who are the ukulele master craftsmen?

Well, I'm not sure I have the definitive answer, but I definitely think ASD Hawaii is in the running for the title.  Here's a snippet from their webpage:

one look and you will see a difference in ASD ukueles.   ASD ukuleles are different.  but they are not different for the sake of being different.  instead, as form should follow function, so does the design of ASD ukuleles.  each component of the ukulele has been purposely designed to maximize sound quality and playing comfort.  ASD ukuleles are created differently in both sight and sound and may change your preconceptions about ukuleles.

Well.. I certainly like the sound of that.  I did some searching on eBay and found this beautiful Tenor Ukulele that they make.  It's like a work of art!

Kinohi asd tenor ukulele w/case
Kinohi asd tenor ukulele w/case

I can honestly say that I've never seen a ukulele body shaped like this tenor ukulele.  Wait, I know what you are wondering.  Where is the sound hole?  Well, go to the eBay auction page and look at the other thumbnails (I haven't figured out how to link them here, yet).  Go ahead... I'll wait.  😉  Pretty cool, right?