Jake Shimabukuro “Live”

So, pretty much everyone has seen Jake Shimabukuro's "Ukulele Weeps" video on Youtube, right?  If not, go do yourself a favor, it's pretty much mind-blowing.  What I'm wondering, though, is if anyone has any of his CDs?  If so, what's the whole record like?  It looks like his latest release is entitled, "Live" and I see that "While my guitar gently weeps" is on there (as is Michael Jackson's Thriller?!).  I'm just worried that after a while it will be like listening to soft jazz or something?  Or, am I being silly?  I really want to like it.

I spent some time this morning wading through Amazon and I was surprised to see how many releases Jake Shimabukuro has.  Pages and pages of them!  So, either he's

  • incredibly prolific
  • one hundred years old
  • an army of clones

In all three of those scenarios, though, I'm impressed!  So, I guess what I'm asking is can someone give me a recommendation here?  Should I get the live CD or is there a better one?  Thanks y'all!

Live by Jake Shimabukuro
Live by Jake Shimabukuro