Video: Brian Kirby – No Diggity

I got this link from @ShelfLifeCC on Twitter.  This one was special for me because I was once in a parody white trash rap band and we did a homage to "No Diggity".  Although, we sure didn't do it on ukuleles.  Touche, Brian Kirby, touche.  What's great about the video is that he shows you how he played the song on his uke.  So, you can follow right along.  If I had any criticisms it would just be about the beat.  But, you work with what you are given, right?  Sometimes I think that if you want to have a simple drum machine beat, it can be kind of fun to do it on an old school Casio or something.  Then it stays simple and charming.  But, anyway, it's a minor criticism.  I just like hearing Blackstreet on Ukulele!