Video: Highway to Hell (HOWTO!)

Well, my productivity might be in the dumps today (because I keep watching Rawuke videos) but it's good news for anyone who wants to learn how to play Highway to Hell like Rawuke does.  In this video he takes you step-by-step through each part and slows it down.  Although, I gotta tell ya, it still looks pretty tricky, but I'm going to work on this over the next few days and see what I can make happen.  Let me know if you attempt it as well.  I'd love to see a video!

Video: Highway to Hell (bad ass!)

So, when I first clicked on this video and saw the dude in the Harley Davidson shirt, leather jacket and motorcycle helmet, I had some reservations.  Then the rawk starts and this guy OWNS it.  Try closing your eyes and just listening, I would have guessed at least two or more ukulele players to make that sound.  He has so many tricks that I feel like I could watch this video for the next... um... forever and still not get it all.  The cute little Tiki Flea Soprano uke is the perfect counter-balance to the whole rocker get-up to.  Well done!