Video and Tabs: Tonight You Belong to Me from The Jerk

So, a few weeks (months?) ago a good friend of mine (and Missoula's award-winning bartender), Al Pils, sent me a Youtube video of the great Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters song from the 1979 movie, The Jerk.  I decided I had to learn it.  Especially because if you want Steve's fingers it seems like the sound is especially fancy for what he's doing.  Wait... what?  You mean movies aren't always real?  Huh.  I'm not buying it.  Anyway, take a peak at the video first to get some context:

Anyway, I went looking for tabs but everything I found was in the wrong key or too simplified or both. Then I found the following video from mbrenne72.  I feel like he pretty much nailed it.  Although, some other folks seem to think you should tune your C string down a full step and every other string down 1/2 step, but that seemed much too difficult.  Anyway, if you tune your uke down 1/2 step and play it like I do then it sounds pretty good with the movie.  And, no, I didn't tab the coronet solo.

So... here's my video:

And for those of you who want to do this from the comfort of your own home, here's the tabs:
Tonight You Belong to Me
Tabs: Ukulele Guy
Based almost entirely on:
If playing along with the movie, tune your ukulele down ½ step.
NOTE: I'm Ukulele Guy, not Music Theory Guy or Ukulele Expert 😉

G	 = 0232
Gsus4	 = 0233
G6	 = 0202
G#6	 = 1313
G7	 = 0212
G7sus2   = 0210
G+5	 = 0332
A7	 = 0100
D7	 = 2223
D#-5	 = 0330
Cmaj7	 = 0002
C6	 = 0000
Cm6 	 = 2333
E9	 = 1222
E7	 = 1202
F#maj	 = x121 (3121)
Walk Part:
Dmaj-D7-D6-D =  2225-2223-2222-2220

G6 G#6 G6 plucked G string
G6 G#6 G6 D7

I know (I know)
      G7-G7sus2   Cmaj7-C6  G+5-D#-5
You belong     to somebody  new
      G         D   D7    G  Gsus4 G Dmaj-D7-D6-D
But Tonight you belong to me
Although (although)
we're apart
     Cmaj7-C6   G+5-D#5
Your part of my heart
      G         D   D7    G   Riff Part
And Tonight you belong to me

    Cm6     E9  Cm6
Way down by the stream
             E9   Cm6
How sweet it will seem
     G         F#maj  E7
Once more just to     dream
In the moonlight
My honey
I know (I know)
         G7-G7sus2  Cmaj7-C6    G+5-D#-5
With the dawn  that you will be gone
    G           D  D7     G
But tonight you belong to me
        D          G       77710
Just to little old me

There ya have it. Now, get out there and have fun and don't let anyone give you hard time. Ukulele elitism isn't good for anyone... plus, it's silly.

Tabs: Martian Hop by The Ran Dells

So.  Here's the deal (and try not to look shocked when I reveal this), I'm freaking addicted to "Novelty" music.  Yup, I know.. scandalous, right?  Anyway, in my family you don't have to look to far to find a "25 All-Time Novelty Hits" (or equivalent) Record or CD.  There's almost always one within arm's reach.  Anyway, one thing most of these novelty compilations have in common is The Martian Hop.  My kids can't get enough of it!

We've almost got it to the point where one of us does the "Pama em me meh" and the other one does the high pitched "Ee-ee-ee", meanwhile I play it on the uke.

I found chords for this somewhere online so I just reprinted them here with the fingerings for ukulele.  There is a modulation through the song (where it goes to G/C/D).  But, if you are having a hard time with the F#/B/C#7 fingers, just play the whole song using G/C/D instead.  It'll still sound fine.

Wait.  What?  You've never heard The Martian Hop?  Seriously?  Freaking public schools letting everyone down!  Ok.  Here ya go:

And here's the chords:
The Martian Hop:The Ran Dells.
F# - 3121
B - 4322
C#7 - 1112
G - 0232
C - 0003
D - 2220

F#            B            C#7                  F#
We have just discovered an important note from space.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
The Martians plan to throw a dance for all the human race.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
Papa em meh meh, papa em meh meh, papa buppa buppa buppa em meh meh..
F#            B            C#7                  F#
Papa em meh meh, papa em meh meh, papa buppa buppa buppa em meh meh..
F#            B            C#7                  F#

F#            B            C#7                  F#
I got into my rocket ship to see the Martian Hop.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
I saw the planet shining red so there I made my stop.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
But as I opened up the door and climbed the ladder down.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
I saw the Martians on the floor a-dancin` to this sound.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee(The Martian Hop)
F#            B            C#7                  F#

F#            B            C#7                  F#
It seemed I was the first one there and so I was surprised..
F#            B            C#7                  F#
To see the Martians Twist and Stomp before my very eyes.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
They did the Locomotion and the Hully-Gully, too.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
I couldn`t name a single dance the Martians couldn`t do.
F#            B            C#7                  F#
Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee (The Martian Hop)
F#            B            C#7                  F#

(Change keys.)
G           C          D  G
G           C          D  G

G		     C		          D	         G
Now right around the stroke of twelve the dance had just begun.
G			    C	              D			G
The Earth kids parked their spaceship down on Mars to have some fun.
G	         C		        D	        G
And so I left my friends, the Martians, stomping on the ground.
G		    C	          D			G
And even though I`m back on Earth I still can hear this sound.

G        C	    D			G
Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee..(The Martian Hop)
G	 C	    D			G

G		 C	          D			 G
Papa em meh meh, papa em meh meh, papa buppa buppa buppa em meh meh..
G		 C		  D			 G
Papa em meh meh, papa em meh meh, papa buppa buppa buppa em meh meh..

G		 C		  D			G
Papa em meh meh, papa em meh meh, papa buppa buppa buppa em meh meh..
G		 C		  D			G
Papa em meh meh, papa em meh meh, papa buppa buppa buppa em meh meh..(Fade.)

Tabs: Trailer Park Moms

Well, John asked for chords for Trailer Park Moms so here ya go.  Don't spend it all in one place.  Hmm.. for some reason it didn't format right, but I think you can get the idea.  Just play along to the video.  Heh.

Bb                                                                                               C           F          Bb
Oh trailerpark moms are the funnest moms because they let you smoke weed
Bb                                                                                            C                                   Bb
trailer park moms are the funnest moms cause they get drunk and yell at the tv
Bb                                       Eb                                          F                                       Bb
trailer park moms are the funnest moms cause they let you pet the cat with cherry bombs
Bb                                                                                     C            F         Bb
trailer park moms are the funnest moms cause they let you smoke weed

Eb                                                                                       F
and the only thing better in the world than dating a trailer park girl
Bb                                                     Gm
is dating a girl with a trailer park mom
cause she's guaranteed to be hot
and if she's not
Bb                                                    Gm
she's like 100% likely to try and make it with you
like maybe she walks out of the shower topless
cause she "forget" that you were there
Bb                                                                                 Gm
yeah, that's the kind of shit that a guy could get used to
Eb                                             F                             Bb
and I used to.  I used to get used to you.  Oh trailer park mom

Bb - 3211
C   - 0001
F - 2010
Eb - 3331
Gm - 0231

Ukulele Tabs: Monster Mash (just in time, right?)

alli_marshall, on Twitter, asked, "what's a good and easy ( 3 chords, preferably no B!) Halloween song to learn on #ukulele?"  Ask and you shall receive!   Well.. I guess it's 4 chords, but you can do it!

Monster Mash - Boris and the Crypt Kickers
Ukulele Tab

I was [G]working in the lab late one night
When my [Em]eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my [C]monster from the slab began to rise
And [D]suddenly, to my surprise

(He did the [G]mash)  He did the Monster Mash
(The Monster [Em]Mash) It was a graveyard smash
(He did the [C]mash) It caught on in a flash
(He did the [D]mash) He did the Monster Mash

From my [G]laboratory in the Castle East
To the [Em]Master Bedroom where the vampires feast
The [C]ghouls all came from their humble abode
To [D]get a jolt from my electrode


The [G]scene was rocking all were digging the sound
[Em]Igor on chains backed by His Baying Hounds
The [C]Coffin Bangers were about to arrive
With their [D]vocal group, the Crypt Kicker Five

The [C]Zombies were having fun (In-a-shoop-wha-ooo)
The [D]party had just begun (In-a-shoop-wha-ooo)
The [C]guests included WolfMan (In-a-shoop-wha-oooSTOP)
[D]Dracula and his son (Drum fill)

[G]Out from his coffin Drac's voice did ring
It [Em]seems he was worried 'bout just one thing
[C]Opened the lid and shook his fist, and said
[D]"Whatever hoppened to my Transylvania Tvist?"


Now [G]everything's cool, Drac's a part of the band
And my [Em]Monster Mash, it's the hit of the land
For [C]you, the living, this Mash was meant, too
When you [D]get to my door, tell them Boris sent you


G - 0232
Em - 0432
C - 0003
D - 2220

Free Ukulele Songbook

So, I stumbled across a blog post entitled, "Ukulele Songbook MP3s are available in Files section" and instantly I was excited.  After reading the article, it looks like folks from Ukulele Hall of Fame created the Fleabag Music songbook so that uke players, when we meet each other, can have a starting off point for playing together.  Basically it's sheet music and mp3s for a bunch of public domain songs that are popular on the Ukulele.  What's better, it's free!

The sheet music is really complete, but don't worry it also shows the fingerings for all the chords and you could just strum the chords.  Anyway, for a free resource, it's incredible!  Here are the direct links to the material (but I encourage you to check out the blog as well):