Video: 6-String Ukulele Sound Comparisons

So, the night before I went on a little mini-vacation to Wisconsin, I got my 6-string Aquila string set in the mail.  So, I strung up my new OU-26T 6-String Tenor Ukulele so I could show you guys how it sounds with the proper strings on there.  I think you'll agree that the sound differences between my 6-string tenor uke and my low-G tenor uke are pretty dang dramatic!

If I don't seem as perky in this video, it's because my wife and two boys had been gone for over a week at this point.  So, if you have kids, then you know how that goes.  It's like 2-3 days of late nights, beer, bad movies and video games and then the rest of the days are spent moping around the house.  I honestly missed the sound of the boys screaming at each other.  Heh.

Also, I'd thank you to not look up my shorts during the whole video.

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi ukulele guy, what a great sound that instrument has.

    Are the strings spaced evenly or not.

    Can you post a close-up photo of the strings please.

    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers Andrew

  2. Uke Guy says:

    Sure thing Andrew, I’ll take a picture and post it very soon. The string groupings are pretty evenly spaced but the octave pairs are closer together, obviously.

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