Another Eleuke Demo – This time with extra LOUD

So, as you may or may not know, when I'm not "Ukulele Guy", I play in Volumen.  We are a heavy new wave band from Missoula, MT, and we've been playing weird sonics since 1996.  Well, yesterday was Wednesday and Wednesday=Volumen Practice.  So, I went in a little bit early and brought my Eleuke so that I could make some videos of it through a better amp.

I lucked out because Volumen^2 (my brother) showed up just minutes later with a case of Coors and he agreed to hold the camera for the second half of this video.  Woo hoo!  I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to play, so I just went for it.  Sadly, my wah wah pedal badly needs a new battery, apparently, so that part is a little bit weak, but you get the general idea right?

After we finished recording this video, we had regular Volumen practice and then I convinced the boys to play "Halloween", by the Misfits, with me on the Eleuke.  We'd never played it before, but we picked it up easily enough.  I'll post that video tomorrow, or maybe later today.  It's a little blown out, because we are so damn loud, but that just makes it punk rock, right?

P.S. Whoever can tell me what I'm playing during the "clean" portion of this video wins extra special bonus Ukulele Guy points.

  1. An Idle Dad says:

    Is it “When I’m cleaning windows”?
    .-= An Idle Dad´s last blog ..AnIdleDad: @emlykd I’m just a square peg I guess… =-.

  2. Uke Guy says:

    We have a winner! You rule man. If I had to make a bet on who would have gotten it right, it would have been you. 😉 I even played it in a different key and you got it right. Nice.

  3. An Idle Dad says:

    Extra special bonus Ukulele Guy points. Can I trade them in for a Kala Pocket Ukulele?

    You know you want to run a comp, have me win it and send me one for free yeah?
    .-= An Idle Dad´s last blog ..AnIdleDad: Wolfman it is. Anyone seen it? Any good? =-.

  4. An Idle Dad says:

    And speaking of “When I’m cleaning windows” I supposed I better learn it. The standard alligator boogaloo has different chords to what George Formby seems to play on youtube.

    What’dya got?
    .-= An Idle Dad´s last blog ..AnIdleDad: Wolfman it is. Anyone seen it? Any good? =-.

  5. Uke Guy says:

    I play it the same way as Alligator Boogaloo, but I think George plays it this way

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