Youngsters and their Big ukulele band!

So, a few weeks back I read an article about kids making their own ukuleles from an old margarine tub and a piece of wood.  I believe one of my British twitter friends turned me on to it.  When I remember their name, I'll mention it here.  Anyway, it sounds like the six month project is finally complete and the kids had their performance!  Huzzah!

From the Evening Telegraph's article, Big ukulele band is utterly brilliant, comes this picture and quote:

Big ukulele band is utterly brilliant
Big ukulele band is utterly brilliant

The performance in Willow Place, Corby, was the result of six months of work under the Corby Ukulele project across the Corby area, getting youngsters to create their own instruments from a piece of wood and an old margarine tub.