The Scoop on these Pretty Luna Ukuleles

You might remember, from my January 18th post "Luna Tattoo Pineapple Soprano Ukulele (it’s new to me)", that I seemed a little surprised by Luna Ukuleles.  Basically, I was a little stunned that something as cool as their Polynesian tattoo and floral designs had snuck right on by me.  Well, I'm not feeling so flabbergasted now.  Today I was contacted by Yvonne at Luna and that was apparently their first ukulele shipment.  I think they've been making primarily guitars up until this first Uke foray.  I asked about possibly reviewing one of these beautiful ukuleles but Yvonne informed that their first just flew out the door.  So that seems like a good sign for their first effort.  If you want to learn more about Luna, you can check out their website at  The Ukuleles are listed under Acoustics.  You can also take a look at this neat flash animation that shows off their line of ukes (in exotic locations, no less).  Yvonne tells me that they expect their next shipment around March 15th, so I might be able to get my hands on one around that time.  If I do, you know I'll post a video/review so everyone can take a look and listen at these ukes.

Oh yeah, and I created a Luna Ukulele section on my site as well, where you can buy their guitars.