Silver Creek Baritone Ukulele

So, after showing off my somewhat crappy Baritone Ukulele in, Video: Ukulele Guy – Naughty Song, I realized that I talked trash about my baritone ukulele but I didn't offer you any alternatives.  So, what if you want a good Baritone Ukulele and you are on a budget?  Well, it turns out that the Silver Creek All Solid Baritone Ukulele Natural is on clearance right now at Musician's Friend!  This uke is normally $209.99, but they are selling it for $169.99 right now.  Here's a picture.

Silver Creek All Solid Baritone Ukulele Natural
Silver Creek All Solid Baritone Ukulele Natural

This baritone uke is made of solid mahogany on the top, back and sides so you get that rich, warm tone that you can only get with solid wood.  There are only 2 reviews up right now, but the average rating is 4 1/2 stars out of a total of 5 possible.  So, people seem to be happy with their purchase.  Here's some more details about this ukulele:

* Solid Mahogany Top, Back & Sides
* One-Piece Mahogany Neck
* Geared Tuners
* Bone Nut & Saddle
* D'Addario Strings
* Scale Length: 20-1/8"

So, if you are looking for a good quality Baritone Ukulele and you don't want to spend $200-300, then this could be the uke you are looking for.