Review: Intelli IMT500 Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner for Strings

Intelli IMT500 Digital Tuner
Intelli IMT500 Digital Tuner

Note:  I guess you could call this part two of this post, "Goodbye pitchpipe! Hello $13 Digital Tuner!"

Huzzah!  I got my $13 digital tuner in the mail today.   And, in case you are wondering, I don't have freakishly gigantic hands.  This little guy is tiny and precious!  Mine actually came with two batteries, for some reason, and I'm not complaining about that one bit.  I opened up the box, popped in the battery and we were off and running.  I just clipped it to the head of my uke and started tuning away.  In seconds, I was in perfect tune.  I feel like I have a pretty decent ear, but with a pitch pipe, it definitely takes me a little bit of time to tune my uke.  No more!  What am I going to do with all this extra time?!  I was going to make a video of me tuning my ukulele with this little gadget but a) I didn't know how to hold everything at the same time and b) it literally took 20 seconds.

So, I'm definitely glad I put my money where my mouth was this time.  This is the best ukulele accessory purchase I've ever made.  Yay!

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