Video: “F you, I’m a Ukulele” by Fully Sick Rapper

Holy crap.  It's almost been a month since I've posted something.  How freaking embarassing.  In my defense, we had family in town for a week and we built a shed, compost pile and a mess of raised garden beds.  Also.... I'm lazy.  But, I made myself hop on Twitter today and try and get caught up with "the gang".  Minutes later, I know exactly what I'm going to post, thanks to @AnIdleDad (check out his blog at

He sent me a link to a Ukulele Rap Novelty video by Fully Sick Rapper.  I hadn't heard of this guy before, but I'm a sucker for rapping ukulele novelty acts (*cough* Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer *cough*).  Also, I'm not sure that I've mentioned this before, but I was actually in a White Trash-themed rap band somewhere around '98.  We were called PWT and we had songs about Convoy, BBQ, attractive cousins and the like.

Anyway, back to Fully Sick Rapper.  The video rules and was, apparently, made from his hospital room.  Unless this is a gag (and I don't believe it to be) he was diagnosed with TB and was in quarantine when he made the video.  If you wanna learn more, you can follow him at @FullySickRapper on Twitter, or on FaceBook.  His Youtube channel is

So, without further ado, I give you "F you, I'm a Ukulele".  Hooray!