Uke Thong (seriously… wtf is it?)

I've talked about the Uke Thong for a few months now and I kept promising that I was going to make a video to show you what it is, exactly.  It has a pretty exciting name, right?  I mean who wouldn't want something cute to match their Uke bra and garters.

Nah nah nah.. think "guitar strap" and you are closer to the mark.  But, that's still good, though, because I've had quite a few people ask me how to modify their ukulele to use a guitar strap (don't do that).  This is the solution for those folks and also for anyone who needs their right hand completely unencumbered for their "shredding".

Anyway, today I finally made the video because I remembered that I was supposed to send this particular Uke Thong to Jon Spencer after he wrote a guest post for the site ("Guest Post: Cigar Box Ukuleles with Jon Spencer" to be exact).  A note to future guest post writers, I guess.  If I promise to send you something, make sure and hound me about it.  I'm liable to see a shiny piece of tin foil, chase it and then completely forget about my promise.

Anyhoo, as you might have gathered, the Uke Thong is the next best thing for those of you who need a strap for your uke.  They are only $10.95 and come in variety of colors.  If I had known this one was going to Jon, I suppose I would have gotten the Camo one.  As it is, he gets pink and black checkers.  But, if he still has his Vanns sneakers from 8th grade then he's likely to match, so that's a bonus.  Here's an image of the Uke Thong and a link to where you can get them on eBay.

And finally, without any more delay.  Here's a video of me describing what you get when you shell out your $10.95.  As you watch the video, keep the following in mind:

  • Ukulele Guy probably shouldn't do anymore close-ups.  Or, if he does, he should probably shave and try to do something with his hair
  • Ukulele Guy (third person reference rules!) should have clipped a battery into his Uke.  The flapping cord drives me nuts.
  • Try and count how many times you can say "That's what she said" during the video.  I'm even considering having a contest based on that premise.  Maybe giving away another Uke Thong?  What do you think?

Accessories: Uke Thongs! Not just for the ladies!

Well, it's not as scintillating as the title would have you believe, but it's pretty close.  For those of you who find yourself playing Uke while standing up, or walking around (or, as in my case, running from the police) you have probably perfected the art of holding the ukulele against your body while you play.  Well, what if I told you that wasn't neccessary?  Yup, here we are, using our hands like suckers when the Uke Thong could be doing all the work.  Check it out!

Ingenious, I tells ya!  Looking at the auction, there are a couple of different color choices.  Woah.  Black and Hot Pink checkers?!  Sweet.  Those will match my Vans from Junior High!