News: Kazookeylele v2 – Bohemian Rapsody

Here I am, using the Google machine to find as much ukulele-related information as is humanly possible.  Then, I see a link with the word Kazookeylele in it.  Kazookeylele?  What the deuce could that possibly be?  I'll tell you.  It's pure awesomeness.   According to the little bit of information I was able to gleam from Monkey Review, this is version 2 of the Kazookeylele.  I take it that means that version 1 is no longer in use?  Cause, I'll tell you right now.  I NEEDS IT! The charming pink-haired fellow performing on the Kazookeylele reminds me of a shorter, more charming version of Tiny Tim.  And, I think Tiny Tim was made of 100% charm, so that's saying a lot.  I wish this guy the best in everything he does!