Video: Gentleman Rapping with Banjo Ukulele

Well.. my day is now officially made.  I was, once again, randomly stumbling through the interwebs looking for cool new ukulele news when I stumbled on a Youtube video of someone named, Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer.  Somewhere in the short description it something about a Banjolele (Banjo + Ukulele hybrid) so I hopped right on over to Youtube.  What did I find?  Oh... not much.  Only a perfect British chap recounting the history of hip-hop, on banjolele, in about 5 minutes.  That's right, from Rapper's Delight through Run DMC and the Beastie Boys all the way up to Eminem.  My mind is blown and I need more!

Crazy Frog Ukulele!

So, being someone who plays ukulele, you are used to being happy and the center of attention, right?  I mean, let's face it, people count on us to play the clown a little bit, right?  If you ever saw me play, you'd know it was true.  Seeing a big guy playing this tiny little instrument just brings a smile to your face.

Now... imagine if that ukulele was decorated to look like a frog.  Huzzah!

Hmm... that thumbnail is freaking tiny!   Sorry about that, but if you look at "Stagg Frog Ukulele with Gig Bag" you'll see the whole deal.  I did some searching on the Internet and the only other one of these that I saw was on a site that I didn't know much about.  Besides, everyone has an ebay account, right? 😉

Anyway, here's some more information from the auction:

Traditional soprano Ukulele w/ Frog graphic top, in black nylon gigbag - Top: nato - Back & Sides: nato - Neck & Headstock: nato - Fingerboard & Bridge: nato - Tuners: geared pegs w/ "antique white" plastic knobs - Scale length: 349 mm, (13.74 in.) - Fingerboard Dim. 177 mm (7 in.), 12 frets - Neck & Head: 300 mm (12 in.) - Body: 240 mm, (9.3 in.)- Total length: 540 mm, (21.25 in.) - Finish: Frog design.

Now get out there and make a fool of yourself! But, for god's sake, do it tastefully.

Vintage ‘Les Paul’ Style Ukulele

After seeing Mahalo's Flying V Ukulele, I wanted to see what else Mahalo had to offer in the way of ukuleles.  A quick ebay search turned up an auction for a VINTAGE SUNBURST UKULELE Mahalo Acoustic Ukelele + Case

That thing is foxy!  It is also, apparently, a limited edition.  But, it does come with a gig bag.  So, if you were looking for a step-up on the standard ukulele starter kit, this might be a great way to go.  The auction includes free shipping, from Great Britain , so that seems pretty decent.


Hold the phone, check out this deal for what appears to be the same instrument

Mahalo ULP-30VS LP style Vintage Sunburst Ukulele with Gig Bag
Mahalo ULP-30VS LP style Vintage Sunburst Ukulele with Gig Bag

Something like $8 cheaper!  And, with Amazon Prime it qualifies for free shipping.  Actually, I think that you get free shipping anyway because it's over $50.  Score!  Something tells me, though, that the ebay auction will be cheaper for our friends across the pond.  It seems like many of the Amazon products that I list are quite a bit more in Europe.

Anyway, you have two methods for acquiring the same beautiful ukulele!

VINTAGE SUNBURST UKULELE Mahalo Acoustic Ukelele + Case


Mahalo ULP-30VS LP style Vintage Sunburst Ukulele with Gig Bag

Heck.  Just get both and send the extra one to me, right?  I mean, that seems only fair.

Original Song: Megan Lannegan by Ukulele Guy

Alright, it's the third week of my crazy #MusicMonday promise on twitter.  I'm not ready to let anyone down, just yet.  I wrote this song for a love song project with a friend.  Yup, it was for the same project that I mentioned in my, "Original Song: UPS Girl by Ukulele Guy" post.   Anyway, we were talking about the concept for the band and I said something like, "It has to be really specific girl's names.  You know, something like 'Megan Lannegan, my assistant manager'".  So, I had to put my money where my mouth was and make a song titled Megan Lannegan.  Here's the first draft.

Megan Lannegan by Ukulele Guy

Ukulele Wall Mount

So... you have some ukuleles (Wait, you do have some ukuleles, right?  If not, correct that problem and get a ukulele already!).  Anyway, you have ukuleles, but you need somewhere to put them when you aren't playing them.  I mean.. you can't play all three of them at once, right?  Well, sounds like you need to buy this hand carved ukulele wall mount on ebay.

I currently have something like that in my office and it holds up to 5 guitars/ukes.  But, I can tell you right now that it cost me more than $30.  Plus.... my poor thumbs!  (damn you, hammer!).  Here's some notes from the auction:

Welcome!! This piece is carved out of Select Pine and stained brown. It measures 24" x 5-1/2" x 3/4" thick. The black pegs (3/4" soft foam rubber over steel) have 1-1/2" clearance and are 3" long. I will supply two 2" screws to secure the holder *additional hardware may be needed for your application* Thanks for looking, and if you like unique carvings and I'm sure you do, please be sure to check out my other auctions & store inventory. Thank you.