Video: Ukulele Guy brings you The Facts of Life

Look buddy, I get it.  Times are tough all over.  Economy, acid rain (huh?), lemurs biting people for apparently no reason.... zombies.... yup.  The world can be a scary place.  You know what you need?  How 'bout a positive life message?  You know, if a 20 year-old car can be called vintage, then so can this song.  It's got me through a lot of tough times in my life, so now I'm sharing it with you.  Heh.  "It takes a lot to get it right...", Indeed!

In this video I'm playing my Lanikai CK-TEQ tenor ukulele.  I filmed it with my flip video and my Gorillapod.  Ahh yeah.... not getting anything work-related done today.  Heh.

Original Song: Getting Dressed Dance

Alright y'all.  This here marks the 6th consecutive #MusicMonday on twitter where I'm posting an original song by yours truly.  So... if I slip soon, then just remember that, at one time, I did give you 6 in a row!

Heh.. I wrote this song when my first son was born.  Whenever I was dressing him I found that I kept making up this goofy song about how to get dressed (and do it wrong).  I started with "Put on your shoes... then take off your pants... put your socks on your hands... that's how you do the getting dressed dance".  That's pretty much all I had until one night when my wife and I were baby-sitting our goddaugther (who was probably 12-13 at the time) and we decided it'd be run to record a full version of this song.

This is what came out of it.  I keep thinking about fleshing it out and/or maybe adding different/more words, but that's not something that I'm known for.  I like to make up a song, record it and then move right along.

So, here is that moment in time, captured in mp3 format. 😉

Getting Dressed Dance by Ukulele Guy (and wife and goddaughter)

Bathroom Ukulele Video (don’t be scared)

Alright, as you may or may not know, I bought a Gorillapod for my Flip Video last week and I've been itching to use this thing. I talked about it in this post, Time to make some videos! (UPDATE).  But, this freaking chest cold has been making it impossible to even talk without coughing like a 70 year-old chainsmoker.  Well.. I'm tired of waiting.  So, while this isn't how I envisioned my first ukulele video going down, I'm still fairly happy with how it turned out.  But, I am a little nervous, though, for several reasons:

  1. Now you know what I look like and disappointment is sure to follow. 😉
  2. It took me 5 takes to get one where I didn't cough mid-song.  So, this probably isn't the best of the takes, but it's the least interrupted.
  3. I forgot to "dress for success" in this video.  I'm effectively one step above pajamas here.

Ah well.. If I start off like this then we have no where to go except for up, right?  K.  Here ya go.

Oh yeah!  My hair isn't always that ridiculous.  You are just looking at the remnants of my mohawk from Halloween.  My new wave band covered David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust record and our second set was 10 punk rock songs from 1985 or prior (Agent Orange, Fear, Black Flag, etc).  I've honestly forgotten that I look so goofy, but I get reminded of it when I see people's faces when I actually do leave the house (which, is rare).