aNueNue Oahu Solid Koa Wood Ukuleles

I just got word from Rich that these beautiful solid Koa wood ukuleles are now in stock.  These are going to move pretty fast.  People are snapping up just about anything that aNueNue is making these days, they can barely keep up with demand.

I haven't played one of these solid Koa models yet, but if the aNueNue banjo ukulele I own is any indication then you can expect these to be incredibly high quality.  The top, back and sides of these ukuleles are all solid koa wood.  The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard.  The bridge is also rosewood and the nut and saddle are both made from buffalo bone.  You can get these Oahu solid koa ukuleles in soprano, concert and tenor.  Make sure you let them know I sent you. 😉

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